4 Mom Tips To Combat The Cough


“Sponsored Post: My friends over at Vicks saw the Man Cold and decided I needed to be compensated for future colds :)”

4 Mom Tips To Combat The Cough

Cold season can knock a family out for weeks. As a Mother of three children I know how awful it is when someone in the house gets sick. Once one is sick, we likely all get sick. Taking care of the kids and my husband when they are sick can be exhausting. On a side note, three sick kids don’t hold a candle to a Man Cold 😉

The one thing that can be the most bothersome when your kids have a cold, is the cough. You know the cough I am talking about, the one that keeps you up all night long. The kind of cough that can wake the neighbors, the neighbor’s cat, even the dead! Here are a few quick and easy solutions for the nagging cough that keeps you and the kids up all night long.

  1. Keep Hydrated: Staying hydrated will combat the post nasal drip that accompanies most common colds. The more you drink, the less irritated your throat will be and the less you will cough. Staying hydrated will also thin out the mucus and make it easier to pass.
  2. Hot Drinks: If your children will drink hot tea, get decaffeinated. No one wants to give a 4yr old caffeinated tea before bed. Hot tea will soothe the throat and can decrease the cough reflex, you know, the tickle that you feel right before a coughing fit.
  3. Hot showers or Humidifiers: Hot showers will break up the mucus and get it moving. If the mucus stays camped out in the chest or causes the post nasal drip, it will cause that awful “Up all night” cough that one wants to deal with. Humidifiers are great if you have them and can keep the air in your child’s room moist which will decrease the cough. Make sure to keep your humidifier clean as to not spread bacteria.
  4. Vicks VapoRub: I remember being a kid and my Mom used Vicks VapoRub on us. We would lay down and get lathered up all over our chests. I use it on all three of my kids as well as my husband. The camphor, Eucalyptus oil, and menthol work wonders for that pesky cough. The nice thing about VaporRub is that you can use it three to four times a day and the vapors last up to 8 hours, keeping that cough at bay.

In the long run, I do what I can to keep my family healthy, but when we are down and out with the cold, we turn to Vicks products to get us back on our feet. Anytime one of my friends mentions that their child was up all night with a cough I say, “Have you tried VapoRub yet? It’s a game changer!” Head over and grab some saving and stock up on Vicks products and VapoRub before you are up all night with a cough.




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