5 Tricks for Coping with Fall Sadness



For some people fall is not a joyful season at all. It is quite sad to see shorter days, rainy evenings, and long, lonely nights stuck at home. But there are some ways how to cope with fall sadness and have a great time no matter the season! Here are five tricks for coping with fall sadness to get you started:

Exercise at Least a Little

Many scientists agree that people who exercise even for just a short period every day suffer from depression and melancholy less than people who don’t exercise at all. Studies have shown that exercising releases endorphins and other chemicals that can create a sensation of happiness and help people to cope with stress. So try to move a little bit more then you do now. Do a short five-minute morning routine or sign up for a gym membership if you can. You’ll feel better, get healthier, and your mood will surely improve.

Just… Smile!

Another trick that combats seasonal depression is turning up the corners of your mouth! SMILE! Even if you feel sad, you should make yourself smile. You can change your bad mood drastically with a simple smirk. Scientists have discovered that so-called Duchenne smiles or even fake laughs engage your eye muscles as well as those near your mouth. Facial exercise to imrpove your mood! When you feel blue, just give it a try. Smiling can turn out to be the best remedy for you!

Eat Well

You can also improve your general mood by eating well and getting essential vitamins from healthy meals. Fruits and vegetables are the holy grail in this case, full of many valuable minerals and vitamins that can boost your mood. Fruits and vegetables are also high in nutrients such as Vitamin C and beta-carotene. These antioxidants can help fight free radicals that disturb body functioning and, in turn, improve your health and mood.

Get More Light

Fall means a lot less sunlight than the summer months. This can have a drastic negative impact on how you view the world and how you feel inside. Fight the darkness by trying to get as much light as possible whenever you are. Brighten your home or office with a few extra lamps or installed light fixtures. Or light a bunch of candles that really create an inviting atmosphere. Also, be sure to get out more on sunny days. Reap the good days while you still can!


The best way to cope with fall sadness is to try to run away from it somewhere sunny and happy and the quickest way to find such place is in books! Reading can help you forget about your sadness, and a nice warm cup of tea can stimulate your mood even more.

Fall really is just one short season. So count your blessings, hug your loved ones, and don’t forget to share your feelings. Love is the best remedy!



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