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This Was Not Hot Mom Summer. This Summer Was Hell.

Maybe it’s the result of months spent staring at walls, slowly losing our grips on reality. Unable to breach the walls of our homes,...

Despite Being A Strong, Intelligent Woman, I Still Ended Up In An Abusive Relationship.

Domestic violence is often thought of as bumps, bruises, and black eyes. The truth is, that is such an insignificant piece of the whole. It...

I Never Expected to Feel Such Grief Over the Last Baby

As a mother to four incredible, healthy children, you might assume that it would be easy for me to say that I am absolutely...

Sometimes Parenting Feels Like A Job, And Your Boss Is A Giant A**hole

If you have never referred to your children using a curse word under your breath, we are obviously in very different places in our...

5 Reasons It’s OK to NOT Miss Your Kids

As women and mothers, we are living in a strange time. Women are not only expected to break glass ceilings within the workplace, but...

Not One Thing Can Prepare You To Be The Parent Of A Mentally Ill...

They often say God only gives you what he thinks you can handle. That diamonds can only be made under immense pressure. But how do you shine when the world around you is on fire?