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Erin Kraebber
Erin Kraebber is a 30-something Midwest transplant making life work in the South. Employed full time (and then some) outside the home as a collegiate sports marketing director. Mom to two school-aged girls who fill her with equal measures of love and anxiety. Erin is the founder of the Her Generation Project, an online community and network for mothers with daughters.

We Took Away Screens And This Is What Happened

Worst week ever. The nine-year-old declared it to be so. Did I feel bad? Not really. She could learn how to survive without her iPad and...

It’s Not Personal. Here Are 8 Reasons Your Kid Might Not Invited To Our...

It’s easy to assume its malicious intent to not invite every kid the party. Put the decision-making in the hands of the birthday girl, things change. Enjoy eight reasons why your kid may not be invited to my daughters party. And it's nothing personal.

The Truth Is – The Only Person That Thinks You Have To Do It...

A couple of days ago I was doing the nightly Facebook feed scroll and saw one status update shared by six friends on my feed....