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Jess Johnston is a coffee enthusiast, a TMI sharer, and owns a concerning amount of hoodies. You can follow her and her family of six on Facebook, Instagram, and at wonderoak.com .

10 Reasons Why You Didn’t Enjoy Today

I adore my kids. When they are fast asleep, their faces all tranquil and angelic, I instantly forget the day and I think, “What...

15 Things About Youngest Kids

15 Things About Youngest Kids  1. They don't share. AT ALL. You are pretty sure that you will be working on this until they are in...

Dear Kids, I’m Sorry I Was A Jerk

Dear Kids, I'm sorry I was a jerk. I wish you knew that sometimes when the house is dark and quiet, I come in and...

Find Yourself A Friend Who’s In It For The Long Haul

Find yourself a friend who will go to Costco with you on a Tuesday morning because errands and food samples are better together. Find yourself...

Deep, Lasting, Sister-Like Friendships Require Sacrifice

Friendship requires sacrifice. There, I said it. I have met and talked to a lot of lonely people lately, and let me tell you it breaks...

Don’t Drink The Mom Kool-Aid

I had a few moms over for coffee the other day and one of them was telling me about the “imposter syndrome” among moms....