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Kristen (Krissy) is a writer, editor, mommy to her daughter and dogs, wife, bargain wine enthusiast and shopaholic. She resides in sunny Southern California. Krissy splits her time between work, spending time with her family and raising a confident and strong-willed girl who is growing up way too fast. She has been published in newspapers and magazines, but her passion is writing pieces that resonate with other moms.
hates school

My Child Hates School And I’m Tired Of Fighting It

My child hates school, and I'm tired of fighting it. When summer is officially over, backpacks and school supplies are bought, and the drop-off/pick-up...

10 Signs Your Kid Is Practically A Teenager

My daughter recently turned six and I swear the second that hand reached the clock she actually turned 16. My sweet, innocent angel turned...

I Wish My Husband Would Share In My Mental Load

I should have seen the signs when we got married six years ago. I basically planned our lavish wedding on my own. After I...

Why I’m So Glad My Kid Has Cousins

My daughter is and forever will be an only child. I try my best to be a replacement, some form of entertainment for her,...