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Nicole Correia is the author of the book Push. Push is an autobiographical account of her first year of motherhood, which was an epic car crash that then caught fire. She does not view motherhood as la vie en rose, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Mom talking to young daughter while exercising gentle parenting

Gentle Parenting Is Physically And Mentally Exhausting For Parents New To This Concept

I am fully on board with the Gentle Parenting movement that is underway. There is ample science to support its ultimate goal. New studies...
judge you

Yes, I Will Unapologetically Judge You For Defending Your Child’s Bullying

Despite the things we are told at the start of our children’s lives, when our kids go to school they will not be categorized...
sex education

Sex Education For Teens Should Include Consent, Birth Control, Healthy Sex, Laws and So...

In my third year of university I signed up to take a course entitled "The Psychology of Sexuality." It was the most popular course...

Teachers Today Are Not Okay. Here’s Why.

Your child’s teacher is probably not okay. Teachers in general are not okay. A part of me wishes I could publish this anonymously, but I...
sibling friends

My Children Do Not Have To Be Best Friends

"A built-in best friend." Isn't that what people say when we choose to have multiple children? We want to give our oldest a little...

The Trauma of Parenting In The Pandemic Filled Me With Rage

I get it now. Those abstract, terrifying stories that I studied in university about suburban housewives in the 1950s who drowned their children. Rage. The most dangerous kind, because it manifested behind a smile until it found it’s gruesome release.