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Hi, I’m Danielle Santapaola. I’m a mom of two crazies, community theatre actress and a kindergarten teacher. Born, raised and raising on the North Shore of Massachusetts, I’m a big fan of honesty, coffee, and laughter. In fact, those three are sometimes the only things getting me through the day.

Dear Kids – I’m Tired Of Picking Up The Mess

When you were small I was astounded by the fact that all of the tidying I did all day long could quickly come undone...

Today I Didn’t Yell. But, I Still Felt The Mom Guilt.

The other day, as we were rushing around the house to get ready for work and school, I told my daughter to either finish...

To My Friends That Fight For Our Friendship When I Want To Hide

When I first became a mom it was sleep deprivation, new mom anxiety, and approximately 139 doctor’s appointments that kept me from my friends....

10 Weird Things That Get Moms Super Excited

Everyone knows that moms are excitable creatures. Motherhood changes us down to our core and because of this, what excites us morphs as well. Here...