10 Weird Things That Get Moms Super Excited


Everyone knows that moms are excitable creatures. Motherhood changes us down to our core and because of this, what excites us morphs as well.


Here is a list of ten things that can really get a mom’s blood pumping.

Getting to eat treats alone… without sharing

Having a piece of cake at the birthday party is ok and all, but 9 times out of 10 some smaller version of you is going to stick their finger in your frosting. Real joy comes after the party, WHEN EVERYONE IS ASLEEP, or even if they’re still awake and you just hide in the closet with your big fat piece of birthday joy.

10 Weird Things Moms Get Super Excited About. Whether it be getting a new appliance, or getting to eat treats alone in bed, motherhood changes you in a way to get your blood pumping over weird things you wouldn't get excited about normally. #momlife #motherhood #parenting #parenthood #moms #funny #humor #parentinghumor

Throwing toys away

Now I know what you are thinking, we should all be donating old toys to children who need them, and I agree, but that is not what we are talking about here. I’m talking about the pure adrenaline that courses through a mom’s veins when she finally shoves some horrid, noisy, messy, life destroying toy/craft/disaster into a trash bag when no one is looking. We all have our limits ladies, just remember to take that bag out to the curb before your little catches a glimpse and all hell breaks loose.

Acquiring a new appliance

When your refrigerator breaks down and you replace it with the exact same refrigerator, only it works properly, and you post pictures of it on social media… you might be a mom. Now I’m using the term “appliance” loosely, moms tend to go on a thrill ride when we get any household item that could make our lives easier. I mean, I never thought there would come a day when sponges would bring me joy, but that was before I was introduced to the Scrub Daddy.

Time with other adults

It could be our spouse, OUR GIRLFRIENDS, hell it could be some random old lady in the Target checkout lane. After making small talk with toddlers all day, adult interaction knocks a mom’s socks right off.

Which brings me to number five.

Target… Alone

If you’re not into Target you can substitute any other shopping experience as long as your children are NOT accompanying you. Marshalls, the grocery store… I mean if we are in a real rough spot, Amazon.com with the door locked has been known to get me through hard days.

Becoming a diaper free household

The moment when we can throw away the diapers is a huge one for mothers. The moment they can wipe their own butts is equally as enthralling, until you realize they are really terrible at wiping their own butts.

Watching junky television

Some moms like Real Housewives who scream a lot. Some moms prefer competitive wedding shows or naked couples who eat snails to survive in the wilderness. After days filled with decision-making and stress, moms feel like a kid on Christmas when they can turn off their brains and watch the boob tube.

Putting makeup on

We skip showers, and sometimes forget to brush our teeth, all because TINY TERRORISTS are demanding that we meet ALL of their needs. Being completely devoted to other people’s welfare has a tendency to leave moms feeling depleted and unattractive. When the opportunity comes along to focus on ourselves and spend time prettying up our faces, it is easy to get a little amped up.

Every member of the family eats the dinner we prepared, with zero complaints

Praises are not mandatory for the fireworks to go off on this one. All of the food eaten, and no one cries, whines, demands an alternative, or gags, equals complete mom elation.

Our kid listens, the first time we say something.

We all do it, we calmly ask our children to do something, with our nicest voice and a smile on our face. There’s often little to no response, and the next thing you know you’re LOSING YOUR SHIT and hoping all of the windows are closed. But every so often, a miracle of sorts occurs and a kid just does what they are asked the first time. That shit is amazing.

Listen, being a parent is tremendous work. It is all-encompassing and it changes the way we see ourselves. Finding joy in the simple, relishing the times where we feel like ourselves again, and discovering ways to make our daily struggles a little more bearable, these are the things that get us through. So embrace the weird, Mommies. Lots of other weird moms are right there with you.


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