New Dad Gets a Taste of What Breastfeeding is REALLY Like When Hungry Newborn Gives Him A Hickey


A man named Ronnie Dunston shared a post on Facebook last Tuesday reminding people to recognize just how amazing mothers are. And it happened when he got a tiny peek into what breastfeeding mothers go through. 

In the post, which went on to be shared 132k times, and racked up 15k likes, he regales us with the tale of being attacked by the ravenous mouth of a hungry baby.


He starts off by saying how he had a tendency to disregard the discomfort of his wife when it came to breastfeeding.

He wrote:

I’m looking like seriously you’re not use to it by now, she doesn’t even have teeth, suck it up chump lol. 

His rude awakening came when his wife was at the gym, and he was left with the baby, named Nubia. He went to go make her a bottle, but as most of us with kids know, that hunger won’t just sit and wait patiently.

Apparently, little Nubia was going wild seeking for the nipple, and landed on her dad’s clavicle instead.

Since babies have zero chill when it comes to feeding, she decided to just give it a go, regardless of the fact that it was a milk-free zone.

That’s when things got hairy. According to Dunston’s post

Her suction turned into some blood sucking Dracula type sh!t.”

He then hilariously tells the tale of how he learned firsthand just why his wife grimaces during the breastfeeding experience:

“I’m like WTF I’m trying to pull her off me like… fck, fck get off me! I wanted to toss her off me like she was a demon child lol.

MmmmHmmm. Please, go on Ronnie.Tell us all about it. Oh, and he did. He was left with a purple hickey on his chest, and a newfound appreciation for the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding.

 From birthing a child to breastfeeding YOU SIR are NOT built for this type pain. #PleaseSitYoAssDown  #GirlDad #TheChroniclesofNubia

For those of us who have breastfed before, we can recognize that the struggle is real. It HURTS- whether the babies has teeth or not. That suction that babies have is probably akin to opening the hatch of a space shuttle in the vacuum of space. Deadly!

Since the post went viral, Dunston added an addendum, basically telling people to be appreciative of the women in their lives who are breastfeeding.

He said,

I hope this post serves as an eye opener for other Dads out there. Please cherish, respect and never underestimate the power of a mother.

Breastfeeding is hard work, and you really don’t fully understand just HOW hard, until you experience it for yourself. It’s such a natural thing, that many people get the impression that it’s effortless, when it’s actually incredibly challenging and can be painful.

Well now Dunston and all the folks who loved and shared the post also know.

The comments were flooded with people who loved the poetic justice of a father getting a little taste of what the moms go through, and using it to warn others to appreciate the discomforts that women go through.

He ends his post by saying, 

Yes, parenting is hard on everyone, but especially on mothers. Until a man can birth and breastfeed a child, trust me guys we have no clue. Thank you again everyone for sharing and liking this post. #GirlDad

So here’s to all the breastfeeding mamas, and the folks that support them.

And all the babies who’re out there just waiting for their chance to get fed, optimistically feasting on whatever surface that’s nearby!

So every time my daughter latches on to my wife's nipple she makes this "Ah sh!t, this hurts," face. I'm looking like…

Posted by Ronnie Dunston on Tuesday, February 11, 2020


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