Being a Woman IS Rough


Feminism, sexism, equal rights, binders…let’s shelve all of that BS today and agree that being a woman IS rough. I mean, come on. We have the weight of the world on our shoulders trying to balance work, kids and home. We always feel guilty about something or that we are not doing enough. We have the media painting this picture of what an ideal woman should look like – a picture that has been photoshopped, cropped, colored, matted and Crayolaed into a fictional piece of work. It’s a reality that we can never replicate, nor should we feel like we have to. Do you hear that Vogue Italia? Screw size 0!

Our bodies are far more complicated, too. They are, really. Take this morning for example. I had to call my husband to ask him to pick up boob pads (a/k/a nursing pads) and maxi pads on his way home from work. When is the last time your husband asked you to pick him up some type of pads for his leaking expenditures? What pads do men even sport? Let’s take a look:

  • iPads
  • score pads
  • kneepads
  • paddle boats
  • padlocks

Yeah, that’s heavy-duty stuff.

I’ll say it again: being a woman IS rough.

I’m not trying to create a battle of the sexes with this post. There are some areas of life where men did get the poopy end of the stick. Here’s one…multiple orgasms. (Mom, cover your eyes.) Men need time to regenerate – not women. It’s like our reward for having the more complicated blueprint. We can just keep going and going…and going.

Shoes. Men’s selection of shoes pretty much sucks. Things are, however, heating up in this department. Check out Vibram FiveFingers® men’s barefoot shoes. Just look at those babies! They’re like stilettos for dudes!

Hair loss is yet another tragic circumstance that effects many men. Unlike women, men can’t throw on a trendy wig to help conceal the baldness. And, sadly, many guys do not look all that fantastic bald. They cannot rock out the “naked head” look like Vin Diesel or Michael Chiklis.

I sympathize with guys because they do have to deal with what I consider to be the more complicated of the sexes, women. Admit it. We gals have it rough, for sure, but we also dish it out pretty good, too. Our men endure our mood swings, freak outs, break outs, bad hair days and the list goes on.

Being a woman IS rough. But maybe, just maybe, being a man is rough, too. 😉

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