Best Mom Blogs for Holiday Craft and Decorating Ideas


Since starting my blog, I’ve enjoyed rediscovering activities like cooking, gardening and reading – things I placed on the back burner because of other responsibilities and duties. This upcoming season, I decided to set the goal of decorating for the holidays, something I have not been too passionate about in recent years. Life has a way of catching up with you and, as busy as I have been, I haven’t wanted to add more stress by getting whimsically creative. This year will be different. I’m still going for simple, but there will be more décor come hell or high water.

Here’s a look at some of the blogs that I am taking inspiration from and what I consider to be the Best Mom Blogs for Holiday Craft and Decorating Ideas:

Alderberry Hill

This is a delightful blog with a great mix of easy to more advanced DIY holiday craft ideas. My favorite happens to be Homemade Snowballs and a Christmas Lantern.

Lil Blue Boo

I love saying this blog name as much as I love the ideas contained within, including this post from last holiday season:  DIY Christmas Ideas.

I {heart} Nap Time

A whole category dedicated to Holiday Crafts?!? Oh yeah… On I {heart} Nap Time there’s an endless array of holiday crafts to suit any style or theme. Take a look at this DIY Glitter Canvas Art!

Make It and Love It

Once upon a time I owned a small flower shop. And once upon a time, I used to make Bay Leaf Wreaths for my customers. They’re perfect year-round, but especially beautiful during the holiday season. In addition to this wreath, Make It and Love It is the place to go for earthy AND simple Christmas craft ideas.

How Does She?

Make craft time a family tradition with this idea from the blog of How Does She.

Tatertots & Jello

I’ve fallen head over heels for these simple White Christmas Trees. This is a great blog for busy moms who still want to spend a little time crafting.

Infarrantly Creative

If you can sew, this Striped Lumbar Pillow with Bow not only makes a perfect gift to give the relatives, it also makes an ideal decoration for the couch and chairs. This is a little on the complicated side, so it might be one I “outsource”. 🙂

~~~What is your favorite blog for holiday craft and decor ideas? Post the link in the comments below!~~~


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