Common Sexual Health Myths Debunked


Myths and misconceptions about sexual health are surprisingly common. While over the decades there has been a shift towards more education on sex and reproductive health, it’s not always enought ot debunk the popular myths surrounding intimacy, STIs, and reproductive health that many people still have. In fact, as of 2017, only about half of adolescents (57% of females and 43% of males) admitted they received formal instruction about pregnancy and birth control methods before they had intercourse for the first time. 

Common areas of confusion when it comes to sexual health often surround the topics of STI transmission, sexual hygiene, and proper birth control methods. For instance, many people believe the following statements, which are actually myths and untrue

  • Douching is necessary to keep the vagina clean
  • Infertility is much more common among women
  • You can get an STI from sitting on a toilet seat
  • You can’t get pregnant on your period

More knowledge about sexual health can help people make the most informed and safe decisions when it comes to physical intimacy and their bodies. For more information on sex myths see our infographic below, revealing what’s fact or fiction when it comes to sexual health.

How much do you know about sexual health?


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