Digital Do’s and Don’ts at a Wedding


Your phone has become an extension of your body—you never leave the house without it and you need it for just about every task; from taking pictures to telling your friends the random thought that just came across your mind. But when you attend a wedding, there are rules for what you should and shouldn’t do with your phone. These do’s and don’ts will make sure that you are following proper wedding etiquette.

Do… Silence your phone during the ceremony.

This sounds like an obvious tip, but it’s a really easy mistake to make. A phone ringing while the bride and groom are exchanging their vows is distracting and can ruin a very special moment. To make sure that it’s not your phone that disturbs the ceremony, put your phone on do not disturb mode the minute you arrive at the venue. This way, you won’t have to worry about any accidents.

Don’t… Scroll during the ceremony.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch two people join together in love, so don’t miss it by scrolling through Instagram or watching Snapchat stories. There will be times when being on your phone is completely fine, like when you’re waiting for the ceremony to begin or at the reception, but all other times your phone should be put away in your pocket or bag. The bride and groom invited you so that they can share this moment with you, so make sure that you’re actually present.

*Bonus Tip*— Adhere to the cell phone policy. Many couples are choosing to have an unplugged wedding where phones and other devices are not allowed at all during the ceremony or the reception. You should respect the couple by following the rules. If you really can’t help yourself, then leave your phone in your car until the ceremony is over. If that’s a little too much discipline for you, try to find an app that forces you to not use your phone, so that you won’t have the temptation to use it.

Do… Use the wedding hashtag.

Some couples create a hashtag for their wedding so they can easily find and store photos of the event. If you snap a good picture of the bride and groom, make sure you use their hashtag! That way they can easily look back on the moment, and they’ll be able to share the picture if they want to. Find out if the hashtag is being used on a specific platform and post accordingly.

You don’t have to only share pictures of the bride and groom on the hashtag, either. Feel free to share photos of you and other guests having a good time, too. It’s always nice for the bride and groom to see that their guests had fun at the wedding. But remember, when you post a picture using the hashtag you are representing their wedding. Make sure that you and everyone in the photo looks presentable. Women can make sure they look their best by investing in personalized hair care products, like Function of Beauty, that give your hair exactly what it needs to be strong, healthy, and photo-ready. You can also find simple beauty hacks that can take your look to the next level. Men should be properly groomed with styled hair and well-kept facial hair. You should look for razors and shaving tools that give a precise shave, like those found at Harry’s. If you spend a little time preparing yourself for the wedding, you’ll take pictures that you will be excited to share and that the newlywed couple will be excited to see.

Don’t… Post before the bride and groom do.

Some couples may not want pictures of the wedding posted until the wedding is over, and others may not want you to share photos at all until they have a chance to share themselves. It’s always a good idea to ask before you post pictures of the wedding to social media to make sure you’re respecting their wishes. But if you’d rather not bother them, wedding etiquette says to wait for the bride and groom to share their pictures first.

*Bonus Tip*—Respect the photographers. The couple has spent a lot of money hiring a professional to beautifully capture the special moments at their wedding. Make sure that you’re not ruining their shot by trying to take pictutes on your phone. Instead of trying to get the most popular shots, like of the bride walking down the aisle or of the couple cutting the cake, go for more candid shots when the photographer isn’t around. This way the photographer is able to get the shots they need, and you’re able to give the bride and groom completely different photos they wouldn’t have otherwise.


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