The Benefits of Music + 5 Family Playlists to Dance and Sing to


As we all know, dancing and singing with our little ones is one of the sweeter things in life, especially when it’s a tune we all dig! What you may have not known are all the wonderful benefits of simply listening to music! Did you know that music helps develop cognitive and motor skills? Or that music engages areas of the brain which are involved with attention, predictions, and events in memory? Music also boosts creativity in kids and inspires them to create! Now it’s time to start bumping that stereo with your little ones. 

CarRentals has saved you time and trouble by vetting through and putting together 5 family friendly playlists worth of 10+ hours of music. They also separated each playlist by fun categories such as songs for younger kids, friendly pop music, songs from the big screen, classic rock n roll, and the best singalongs. Check out all the playlists here and see below for an overview on the benefits of music!

benefits of songs and singalongs


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