Do You Have Mom Boobs? Now What?


I guess right off the bat, we should probably go ahead and define Mom Boobs.

So what are they?

I guess technically “Mom Boobs” are any breasts that belong to a mom.


Of course, in reality, that’s not what women mean when they say they have Mom Boobs. What they really mean is breasts that have become less full or less perky as a result of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.

(To use less kind adjectives, Mom Boobs are breasts you might describe as deflated, saggy, elongated . . . you get the idea.)

Can you avoid Mom Boobs in the first place?

Maaaaaybe. . . 

There are some things you can do to lessen your chances of experiencing permanent breast changes. Wearing a well-fitting, supportive bra, for example, can help ward off some of the sagginess associated with “Mom Boobs.”

Also, if you’re breastfeeding, feeding your baby regularly can help avoid engorgement, which can lead to excessive stretching of the skin on your breasts.

But overall, most of the Mom Boob complaints are just part of the package of postpartum body changes many women experience. Some breast stretching, growth, and then eventual shrinkage is inevitable with pregnancy. This is likely to be even more pronounced if you experience pregnancy and breastfeeding multiple times.

Plus, putting pregnancy and breastfeeding aside, over time, gravity will tend to do its thing. Time and physics are not our friends here.

Mom Boobs

Tips for dealing with Mom Boobs – IF they bother you

Let me start by saying: be proud of your body. You grew and birthed an entire human from scratch. That’s pretty incredible. Give yourself some grace and try to show appreciation for all your body has done and been through.

With that said, it’s also okay to feel how you feel. If you miss the full, perky boobs of your pre-child days, that’s understandable too. 

A nice, supportive bra can go a long way.

Many women continue buying the bra size they’ve always worn from the brand they’ve always preferred. If your breasts have significantly changed in size or shape (as is often the case with Mom Boobs), your old bras may not work for you anymore. Take the opportunity to get re-measured for a proper fitting by a professional.

Dress for your current body type.

While certainly, anyone can wear anything, if you’re uncomfortable with your newfound Mom Boobs, it might be a good time to reevaluate your wardrobe.

If you find you’re no longer comfortable in your old lower-cut shirts, get rid of them. Maybe that’s no longer your style at all or perhaps, you just need to go shopping. You can look for shirts of a similar style that better fit your current body type.

A more dramatic, permanent solution to Mom Boobs

If the changes in your breasts truly bother you, you may consider cosmetic surgery. A combination of a breast lift and/or breast implants are often used in situations like this.

Of course, cosmetic surgery is kind of a big deal. Before going down this path, definitely give yourself some time. You may find that you eventually get used to — and more accepting of — your postpartum body changes, Mom Boobs and all.


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