Elephants and Butterflies Baby Shower


This past weekend we celebrated the upcoming birth of my first grandbaby – Genavera Thor – by throwing a baby shower for my son, Keith, and his girlfriend, Darian. It was an elephants and butterflies themed baby shower decked out in light pink, hot pink, white, brown and lime green. For the decor I incorporated a lot of tulle, hanging tissue balls, butterfly and elephant accents, pulled in some outdoorsy elements and added lots of chocolate and candy. Festive Christmas music and softly lit candles set the overall ambiance of this laid back, “soothing” affair.

Below are some pics of the table (the main area) before and after the cake arrived. I love how it looks as if the butterflies are holding up the tulle around the edge of the table! My only complaint is that the light shining through made the tulle very transparent. It would have been cleaner and more dramatic had the blinds been pulled or if done in a darker room.

For a few accents I bought lime green vases that were already embellished with butterflies, cut some lush branches and sprayed them with rose-colored glitter paint and hot glued some butterflies and ribbons. This was a simple, yet elegant addition.

I special-ordered the spiral white and pink suckers. A box of Whoppers and wine glass held them nicely!

My sister, Cheryl, who has been baking exquisite cakes for years, and my niece, Nykki, created this one-of-a-kind masterpiece of a cake.

Here’s my niece and her beautiful baby boy, Ostin:

A quick peek at the tissue balls and other decor:

For the punch, I threw together pineapple juice, tropical-flavored Kool-Aid packets, sugar, water and ginger ale. It was sweet!

The food consisted of finger rolls, a variety of hot dishes, pizza dip and nachos, a veggie platter and fruit. Here’s Chef Ponti preparing some of the meal:

My niece made Keith and Darian the cutest hat (she sells these – so contact me if interested).

My little Aless and dear friend, Nicole. How cute are they?!?

And last, but not least, the happy couple! Where’s that baby?


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