Delhi Safari: An Entertaining Fusion of Animated Escapades


Produced by Krayon Pictures and originally released in India (October 2012), the 3D animated film Delhi Safari follows the misfortunes and adventures of a small group of animals as they travel from Mumbai to Delhi in an effort to appeal the destruction of their habitat by humans.

Under consideration for an Oscar, the film has now been recast for the U.S./Canadian market with some pretty impressive names: Jason Alexander, Tara Strong, Brad Garrett, Vanessa Williams, Christopher Lloyd and Jane Lynch.

I was recently selected as a Brand Ambassador and received a promotional pass to preview the upcoming North American release.

Although skeptical at first, I’m glad I took the time to watch this gem of a film and highly recommend it for families with older children.

Because the movie deals with the sensitive topic of death and contains some additional mild violence, crude humor and a few suggestive scenes featuring a scantily clad animated female, I am not recommending it for viewing by younger children (although parents should use their discretion).

With that said, venturing out to see this film would be the icing on an awesome family night! You will not be disappointed.

The film itself is like The Lion King meets Madagascar meets Kung Fu Panda – all rolled into one – producing an entertaining fusion of animated escapades.

Other reviews have described it as “never achieving Pixar-level greatness” and having “mediocre animation” that will ultimately cost it viewers. I disagree. The storyline, characters and message “fit” the slightly less dramatic animation perfectly.

Many of today’s 3D animated films are simply too much and too over the top, leaving viewers exasperated and annoyed.

Delhi Safari has the charisma and magic reminiscent of an older Disney movie. The animation is tolerable, allowing you to take in each scene without becoming overwhelmed with complicated footwork and graphics.

Supported by PETA, the message of Delhi Safari is one of animal rights and environmental preservation.

It begins with a young leopard cub, Yuvi (voice of Strong), playing with his father, Sultan, in their homeland of Borivili National Park (Mumbai). The fun quickly turns to fear, as a monstrous excavator appears on the horizon, ripping everything in its path from the ground. Yuvi and Sultan suddenly find themselves surrounded by earth destroying equipment and humans (real estate developers).

At this point, you know in your gut and heart that Sultan is going to sacrifice himself to save his son.

After Yuvi and his mother, Begam (voice of Williams) witness Sultan murdered by the land developers, they join forces with an unlikely combo, a badass monkey named Bajrangi , a sweet bear called Bagga (voice of Garrett) and Alex, a fast-talking parrot, in an effort to travel to Delhi and have their voice heard by parliament.

They want to know why their homes are being destroyed by man and plea for the destruction to stop. Along the way the group meets some crazy, delightful characters. They are also confronted with numerous challenges and surprises that leave you laughing, smiling and cheering for the good guys – our animal friends.

I absolutely loved the music throughout. The dialogue is hilarious and the storyline is nothing short of compelling. Deforestation and displacement of animals are real-world issues. Delhi Safari tackles these challenges thoughtfully, yet vehemently. Despite a somber start, you’ll appreciate the happy ending and be glad you watched.

Go see this one!

Disclosure: The opinion and views expressed above are my own. No outside influence or compensation was received to preview the film.


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