Peace On Earth or Epic Christmas Card Fail



Dear Peace On Earth Family,

It looks like the public has found it’s most recent reason to be angry. I’m sure Starbucks is happy to see the heat has a new direction. I would like to ask a few questions about your family photo. I personally am unsure how to digest this “family” portrait. I write a humor blog, so I do get funny. I am just not sure if this is amusing. If you can answer the following questions for me, I will be better able to form an opinion.

1. Who had the idea to take this picture? The wife or the husband? Or was it the little dude with the thumbs up in the background?
2. Why didn’t the boy have to have his mouth taped shut? I have three kids. They all talk incessantly. I bet he can be a real chatty Kathy at times.
3. If this was the husbands idea, why did the wife go along with it? If she was uncomfortable with the idea, she probably would have voiced that concern, right? Is your wife allowed to voice her concern?
4. As a Father, what do you think you are teaching your daughters about the role women play in the world? The voice they will one day have in their own homes with their own husbands?
5. As a Mother, do you think this was a good choice to teach your son that women should be seen and not heard?
6. What did the photographer say when you explained what you wanted your Christmas card to look like? I mean, I would have been taken aback if a family showed up to a photo shoot with duct tape and rope.
7. Was this all in good fun? Or now that the world has made a judgement call, do you regret it and agree that it was in poor taste?

I have been known to say a lot of things that people deem inappropriate and controversial. However, I am serious with these questions. I would love to get your side of this situation and discuss the actual meaning behind this epic Christmas card fail that is causing suffragette’s to roll over in their graves.


  1. This is horrible. I do not find it funny at all. Very demeaning and disrespectful not to mention it also looks like they were kidnapped and have their mouths taped shut. There is NO way in hell I would EVER do this and if I received this card from someone I would lose all respect for them.

    • Hi Jane,
      What I find most interesting about this piece is that people either love it or hate it. The majority of comments have been from women and they either have a visceral reaction or think it is hilarious. I did not go into full detail as to what I think because I really want to talk to this family about why they made this their Christmas card. So far no luck. I hope you hang around and keep reading.
      Thanks, Meredith

  2. OMG! it is all fun! I really don’t think the mother would of done it if it meant harm! people where is your sense of humor! I think it is funny! Maybe loose the lights but the tape! LOL I the little boy should of had the tape too!

    • Hi Lolo,
      I love jokes. I love humor. If the kids mouths were all taped and the parents were high five-ing I think it would have been hilarious. The fact that the boy and his Dad had the females tied up and duct taped sends an awful message to me. However, this is not my Christmas card and those are not my family members. I just found this interesting and I also found have divided the opinions were. Very interesting. I hope you hang around and keep reading.
      Thanks, Mereidth

  3. I honestly can see where people take offense to this. It definitely portrays that the only way the men in this family could have peace is by taping the mouths of the females shut. I get it I do, but I think that this was meant in good humor and is being blown out of proportion. We live in a society that takes everything to heart, even if it doesn’t directly pertain to them. Is it bad taste? It probably is, but if the family doesn’t have a problem with it, neither should we. It could be much worse and there are more pressing things going on in our Country and world that need far more recognition.
    I am thinking that everyone in the photo was a willing participant, so there is no need to get everyone’s nickers in a knot.

    • Hi Abby,
      I agree. I believe that it was meant to be humorous, but it definitely sent a message. I wish I could have talked to the family and asked a few questions. I hope you will hang around and keep reading.
      Thanks, Meredith

  4. Is it possible that this was part of a family joke? I’m assuming that this mom posted this Christmas photo to her friends and family via social network. Perhaps it is a running joke in this family that the females in this family are outgoing, gregarious and possibly domineering…. In a good fun way. Maybe the boy and the dad are soft spoken and easy going. Maybe they laugh about it. Perhaps this family’s friends and family know this and that’s why they put together this Christmas card that was never supposed to go vial…. Now all of North America are judging this family. This family that probably doesn’t want to come forward and start answering all of these questions from strangers…..who appear to be judging them possibly unfairly.

    • Hi!
      I am sure this was meant in a joking way. I found the card interesting and worthy of a discussion. I heard the parents were on GMA. I will post what the family had to say.
      Thanks, Meredith


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