Essential Safety Precautions For Pool Owners


If you have ever been around small children, you know how fast they can get into mischief. They move very quickly and have a significant talent for getting into anything and everything. That is why pool safety precautions are so crucial, because a child, or even an adult that can’t swim well can drown in a matter of minutes.

The best way to prevent these type of tragedies is provide several “layers of protection” to your pool. Let’s go over some ideas, that when used to complement one another, form the best defense against senseless accidents:

Automatic Pool Covers

Using an automatic pool cover is a sure fire way to keep your pool secure when no one is around to watch it. They can usually be found in any store that sells pool supplies. Once it’s installed, all you have to do is turn a key and the cover will expand over the pool.

This type of protective covering is reassuring and easy to utilize. Within 15 seconds you will know that your pool is impenetrable. There is absolutely no way that anyone can fall into your pool!

Install a Fence

Putting up a tall fence around all four sides of a rectangular pool or one that completely surrounds a circular pool will always be your your strongest guard against accidents. While some people use their houses as the fourth barrier, you must remember that crafty children can always get in through an unlocked door, so if this is your approach, remember to install a childproof lock on the deck door.

A good fence should be at least 4 feet high, but 5 feet is probably best, since it exceeds the height of most young children. You should also build it high enough that it prohibits kids from finding nearby objects, such as lawn chairs, to use to climb over it.

Safety Rope Dividers

If you frequent public pools at the Y or in city parks, you may notice pool safety ropes crossing the divide between the shallow end and the deep end. This is done as a safety precaution because there is a long slope between the two that can be very slippery. Children or inexperienced swimmers can trip in this area and be dragged under, where they may not be able to resurface. Installing a similar rope in your inground pool ensures that kids stay in the shallow end, and, even if they choose not to, they will have something to grab onto if they trip and fall.

Slip Resistant Decks

Wet pool decks and bare feet can unfortunately lead to poor traction and a higher risk of poolside injury. Many children have run around the pool, against adult advice, and slipped into the water unexpectedly.

To prevent these types of incidents, it is best to install a broomed concrete pool deck. The brooming process ensures that your deck has a slip-resistant, rough surface, perfect for the pitter-patter of little summer feet.

It is best that pool owners never take for granted the dangers associated with their star backyard attraction. Remember that one of the primary responsibilities of owning a pool is to ensure that it’s as safe as possible. So, keep your guard up and consider implementing these safety measures for your peace of mind, and the peace of mind of all your neighbors.

Author Bio:

Keith Salvador is a formally-trained paramedic from Miami, Florida where he lives with his wife and two cats. When he isn’t working or writing, you can find him playing proud grandpa to his beautiful granddaughters, Chelsea and Chloe.


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