Every Road Has Its Thorn. What?


We all have that one song. You know, the one where no matter how hard we try, we cannot seem to figure out the lyrics. Each time it comes on the radio, is used in a movie or flows through Spotify or Pandora, we put our ear to the speaker just hoping. Hoping the words are suddenly clear and crisp. Yeah right. Until that fateful day when we finally get smart and Google the lyrics, we ad lib – creating our own words that rhyme and go with the flow of the music.

Today, it was Nick’s turn. As I sat next to him in bed, he unexpectedly belted out:

Every road has its thorn, every cowboy has its horn, every moah has its ummm ummm ummmm…


After looking at him like he was the biggest goof on the planet, I corrected him and explained that roads actually had bumps, not thorns.

Sorry Bret Michaels. He tried


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