Facebook’s Most Hilarious Parents of the Week December 15


From age old warnings of naughty vs. nice to the agony of a child’s first music recital, parents on Facebook are letting it all hang out.


So while the temperatures drop outside sit back, relax, and let the chuckles, snorts, and outright laughter of this week’s Most Hilarious Parents on Facebook keep you warm inside.

The weather may be frightful, but the laughs are so delightful; thanks, Parents, for keeping it hilariously real!


  1.  And they laughed and laughed. (Difficult Mommy


2.  4th times a charm. (Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom)


3.  Priceless. JK – $4.99/dozen.  (Housewife of Hell)


4.  It’s pretty serious.  (Where The Eff Is My Handbook)


5. Like being at a rave. For elves.  (That Mom Lady by Shawna Gove)


6.  Why I want a walk in pantry.  (Thinking Mom by Jennifer Rosen Heinz)


7.  It’s the thought that counts?  (Rodney Lacroix – Author)


8. The kit really should include Super Glue. (Mommy Cusses)


9.  Silent Night. Please? Silent. (Science of Parenthood)







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