If You Want to Laugh Until You Pee a Little, Go Grab “Cat And Nat’s Mom Truths”


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We all need those mom friends that you can be your 100% self with—at all times. You don’t need to create that Pinterest-worthy home, or hell, even that Pinterest-worthy craft. Your true mom friends let you be the biggest, hottest mess whenever the hell you want. And they also encourage you to be your best mom self too, without all the damn guilt.

This is what the book, “Cat & Nat Mom Truths,” accomplishes, and effortlessly too.

In their book of essays, Cat and Nat make you feel like you’re sitting in Starbucks with them pounding coffee while venting about the kids. Or even better, sitting in a dive bar, chugging cocktails laughing about the kids.

Either way, these two best friends live up to their hype found on their viral videos because reading their words are just as hilarious, and of course, TRUE for all moms.

With essay titles like, “Instagram is Bullshit,” “I Tried to Be a Cool Mom and Almost Pooped Myself,” and “This is How You Stop Giving A Shit, Literally,” you just might find yourself like me—laughing out loud in a quiet airplane.

And then asking the stewardess for a stiff cocktail to join Cat and Nat in on the fun. You see, Cat and Nat do one thing that not all mom books can deliver on: They truly do not give a rat’s ass in being perfect and are willing to tell their most humiliating, and funny, mom stories.

All mothers have them, but it’s Cat and Nat who have zero shame and telling about the times they knowingly drank coffee in Starbucks with shit on their jeans or asked their husband to take a gander at their hoo-ha.

And while Cat and Nat are known for their humor, they also have chapters that leave you feeling encouraged and less isolated in motherhood.

“You Are Not the Only One Who Feels This Way,”

“Let’s Get the Heck Off the Hamster Wheel of Guilty Feelings,” and

“Your Kids Will be Who They Are, Not Who You Want Them to be” are essays every mom should read regardless of how old their children are. Cat and Nat try to unite moms instead of playing the far too often played Competitive Mommy Game. They know that shit’s not cool.

For example, Cat says,

“So let’s be nicer to ourselves. Let’s go easier on ourselves when we screw up. Let’s dig deep, stop the hamster wheel of guilty feelings, and climb the heck off—once and for all!”

Being a mom is hard, and Mom Truths showcases that.

The book doesn’t just laugh off all of their funny mom moments, instead Cat and Nat are real about them.

The dynamic duo is a phenomenon to be reckoned with and they are accomplishing this by being one thing and one thing only: Authentic.

So, if you want to feel less isolated in motherhood or just want to laugh until you pee a little, grab a copy of “Mom Truths.” You won’t regret it. Oh, and with all of the laughter that you’ll do while reading it, it should definitely count as your daily workout, too.

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