Funny Twitter Thread Nails How Our Kids REALLY Feel About the Fresh Hell That is Virtual Learning


Remember when the pandemic first cranked up back in March & all of us were like, “Hey, let’s do a group Zoom!” to our friends & family? That was fun, right? 


I don’t know how the rest of you civilized folk practice Zoom meeting etiquette, but as a member of a very large, very LOUD Italian family, I can report that my family Zoom meetings consisted of roughly 20 minutes of everyone yelling over everyone else… except for those that could not seem to master how to turn their mics on (and there’s always one of those, isn’t there?).

For most, group Zoom meetings were a fun novelty- until they weren’t.

Once we all adapted to what we know as “life in the time of corona”, we all sort of dropped the Zoom thing. 

But for many working folk & kids, however, Zoom meetings are still part of their daily life. Now that the new school year is upon us, many families have kids now engaged in virtual school lessons. 

Learning on Zoom is just plain WEIRD, & one Twitter thread describing the hilarious things kids are saying in their live meetings has exploded in popularity because it really nails the fresh hell that is virtual learning.

Mom Alexis Diao’s 4-year-old just started preschool via Zoom, & she tweeted a quick report on just how swell that went:

Truth be told, I think most adults have the same reaction when in the average Zoom meeting:

Is this meeting over yet?

Alexis’ observation soon took on a life of it’s own as fellow Twitter peeps shared their own kids’ reactions while in school Zoom meetings.

SECOND GRADE? Sounds to me like Keith’s son unlocked another level in personal time management- looks like I found my new life coach!

Hah! Been there, seen that. The words of choice in my son’s first grade class last spring was “fart” and “fart rocket”. Chat was also quickly disabled.

At least he didn’t bring his class into the bathroom to give them a first-hand peek at his… “fart rockets”, amirite? Looks like someone learned from Poor Jennifer’s tale of toilet-livestreamed-trauma.

Oh, and speaking of POOP, here’s another gem. Just when you think first-graders don’t even know basic spelling…. life finds a way.

It seems like only yesterday that Penis was obsessed with Poop…. they sure do grow up fast, don’t they??

I fully support this; there’s nothing like a snack to “restart” your tolerance for virtual learning. 

Sheer genius! And bonus points for choosing a pic that makes virtual learning look like a family effort…

This little dude is clearly heading for success in the corporate world; he’s obviously already mastered task delegation & outsourcing!

No, seriously, she means A BIRD! We SWEAR! 

Listen, as someone who has had many an “ugly” day while forced to participate in a Zoom meeting, I feel this one in my soul.

This. Is. HILARIOUS!!!

I agree, kid. Pandemic 2020 is the 

True that, kiddo. TRUE THAT.

Diao’s tweet quickly went viral, with over 160K likes and 13.7K retweets in a single day… because kids everywhere clearly have feelings about virtual learning, & have NO problem expressing them! 

Pandemic life is just bizzare. Our kids are being deprived -hopefully, temporarily- of a “normal” school experience, & as parents, it hurts our hearts.

Learning on a computer screen from home is obviously not the norm, but we’re all doing what we can to make the best of it. And in the midst of tough stuff, it’s great to laugh with fellow parents at our kids’ comedic examples of the absurdity of it all!



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