Here’s Why You Should Be Spending Time Alone


Women wear so many different proverbial hats, it’s sometimes impossible to keep track of them all. Some of us are mothers, daughters, employees, friends, housewives…the list goes on.

With everything we have going on, the thought of spending time alone, with just ourselves and our thoughts, is often non-existent.

While it may seem like last on the “to-do” list, it’s important to step back and put yourself in the position to spend some time alone so you can relax and show yourself some love. Below are some benefits of finding solitude in your life!

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Finding Focus

In a world where so many of us are remote workers (or our children are remote learners), it’s sometimes difficult to focus on our activities and to stay motivated to complete our daily tasks.

For many, the constant distractions and noise of every-day life can make easy jobs seem impossible to complete, as there is always something else that takes precedence.

Or worse yet, because of the remote situation, you find yourself turning on the television to have a small distraction, but that small distraction turns into several hours of binge-watching your favorite shows.

To help navigate these struggles, try “unplugging” yourself from all electronics and people.

Reinforce to your family that work hours are your hours and that you can help them at a certain time later during your day.

Set goals for yourself and stick to them by keeping a goal planner on hand.

By writing down what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed, you can keep yourself accountable, even if motivation is lacking. This is also a great way to keep the kiddos on track for their schoolwork, therefore reinforcing the idea of having some time alone to yourself.

Developing Self-Awareness

Most of us feel that we have a pretty good idea of what we stand for and what our values are.

However, it’s also common that when we are social or in a group setting, our voices can sometimes mimic those of the group.

Having time alone to our thoughts can bring a sense of our true voices.

Self-reflection cards are a great way to start your internal conversation.

These can be done with or without writing your answers (though keeping track of them can be used for future comparison) and will challenge you to find out who you truly are. These can even go outside of the concept of time alone and can be used within your relationship or as your children mature to high school age.

Spending time alone can also give you time for physical self-awareness.

When was the last time you truly studied your body (and the incredible things it does?) Chances are if you’re constantly around family and friends, this concept might be overlooked.

Take this time to learn about yourself, including your menstrual cycle.

The female body is an amazing system, and your ability to adapt to physical changes monthly is incredible.

But, as we enter motherhood, sometimes we find that the products we had been using prior to pregnancy are just not the best for us.

Focus on how your body feels, what it needs, and how to care for it.

Pads and tampons are great, but after childbirth, they might not be comfortable for you. A flexible menstrual cup can be beneficial, as multiple sizes exist for just the right fit.

Plus, this not only gets you more familiar with your anatomy, but also can help you spend less time worrying about leakage and more time with your little one.

Also, consider a period tracker app for your smartphone to easily record information such as cravings, estimated fertile dates, and estimated period start dates.

If nothing else, paying attention to your cycle, and its impact on your body, will give you a deeper understanding of what you do and do not like (and what works and doesn’t work), as well as an appreciation for your body, which is a large part of self-awareness.

Practicing Problem-Solving

It’s overwhelmingly easy to procrastinate at problem-solving when you’re constantly receiving input from other sources, human or not.

However, complex problem-solving and working through a problem on your own can help improve your confidence and exercise different parts of your brain, so it’s important to incorporate it as a challenge to your routine.

If there is a problem that you are finding difficult to solve or impossible to work through, try a few hours alone and see if the answer is more obtainable.

Grab a pen and paper and work through that tough problem without distraction (diagrams or lists are particularly helpful).

As silly as it sounds, talking out loud to yourself is a great way to understand a “this or that” problem.

Taking the time to be mindfully solo, to take the calming breaths, and to rationally diagnose the problem to find the solution is not only helpful in itself but also helpful to your personal development and growth.

Taking some time for yourself and having time alone will ultimately recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

By learning to be an individual again, you’ll be better able to contribute to your relationships with your friends and family.


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