Bride Shares Her Wedding Fail Moment On Twitter When Mother In Law Shows Up In A Wedding Dress And The Comments Are Priceless


When late-night talk host Jimmy Fallon asked viewers to share their best wedding fails, the Internet did not disappoint. Hundreds of people weighed in on Twitter with their own wedding day traumas, & some were pretty cringe-worthy.


But one anecdote in particular took the (wedding) cake in terms of most awkward wedding fail. And not only did it undoubtedly win the “best wedding fail” category, but probably won the Internet, too- for the goldmine of comedic responses to the original tweet.

A woman’s tweet about her own “wedding fail” story went viral on Twitter after she revealed her mother-in-law’s head-scratching choice of dress to wear to her son’s wedding. 

Twitter user Amy Pennza (@AmyPennza) responded to Jimmy Fallon’s request for wedding fail anecdotes by explaining that her soon-to-be mother-in-law opted to wear a white dress to their wedding. Not just any white dress, either- a white wedding dress.

The tweet also included a picture of the epic fail, which quickly went viral as it sparked a hilarious trail of hysteria on Twitter.

Um, can we say AWKWARD???!!! It’s probably a move straight from the “mother-in-law from hell” playbook:

“Establish dominance by wearing wedding dress to wedding. Be sure to stand next to her, engaging in direct eye contact with future daughter-in-law while doing so. Bonus points if the camera crew gets the shot so it will never be forgotten.”

As any civilized person knows, wearing white to a wedding -unless, of course, you’re the bride- is a big fashion don’t. It’s an unspoken rule that doing so is tantamount to stealing the bride’s thunder on her special day (and likely ruining your son’s chances of having a happy marriage by traumatizing his bride on her wedding day…).

So while Amy’s picture clearly illustrated the aggressive fashion affront, her audience was abruptly left hanging, and they wanted to know:

What followed is what Twitter is best known for: a crazy-train of comments that are truly comedy gold. If you’re not accustomed to Twitter, think of it like the bar gang from the classic TV show Cheers, only with more hilarity & dysfunction.

Simply put, Twitter NEEDED the ‘deets from Amy- what happened next, girl??

Some users politely asked that she share more info:

Others were more blunt about it:

It was really hard to wait for more details… and wait… and wait…

A few commenters offered heartfelt support to Amy while they waited:

But most were just baffled by her mother-in-law’s atrocious decision. Why, Amy, why??

One follower was coming for the monster MIL… once she knew who was who in the pic:


Even the tangents were hilarious.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Some followers tried to comprehend the reasoning behind the dress choice; this guy’s take is pretty insightful:

While others imagined how Amy possibly handled it:

Or pondered if perhaps she let her loyal bridal crew handle it for her:

Photo Credit: Twitter

My personal favorite response to this wedding insanity?

Obviously Twitter kept itself busy while waiting for an update from Amy, but everyone was still hoping that Amy would return to fill in the blanks on this dress disaster. And Amy did indeed return to share the story in full detail, in a thread of tweets

(Spoiler Alert: She did marry him.)

Amy’s explanation was worth the wait; she explained that she hadn’t thought to ask her mother-in-law what she was wearing to the wedding, & was genuinely… shocked… to see her in the white wedding dress:

She explained in several tweets how awkward it was, & how her bridal party had been hoping that with the busyness of the day, Amy wouldn’t have noticed (fat chance!). There were no confrontations at the wedding, thankfully. Readers were left to assume her mother-in-law is just a horrible monster, until Amy explains her true motivation for wearing the dress. 

We’re still not loving this wedding dress-wearing witch… until Amy tugs at our heartstrings by sharing her mother-in-law’s extreme childhood poverty & near-starvation.

She describes her MIL’s frugality as a lifelong habit of stretching her resources. 

Photo Credit: Amy Pennza (Twitter)

Amy provided numerous examples of her MIL’s frugality.

You can check them out on her Twitter thread, but suffice to say, the whole “wearing a white dress to her son’s wedding” seems in keeping with her lifestyle rather than an intentional dig. It was on sale at a tremendous bargain- she couldn’t pass it up, people!

Yeah, the dress decision was hellishly awkward. I’m still with you on that, but Amy reports that her MIL felt terrible when she realized how inappropriate it was. And despite what we may think, Amy’s MIL isn’t a monster. In fact, she’s pretty damn awesome to Amy & her family:

Photo Credit: Amy Pennza (Twitter)

Dammit, Amy! You’re giving me all the feels for this woman! Amy informed her MIL that she wanted to share the story but checked with her first:

I said I was worried it would hurt her feelings. She waved it off. “Whatever makes me famous.”

While the dress decision definitely wins #bestweddingfail, the Twitter thread wins the Internet. We had fun while checking for Amy’s updates, & when they finally came, they were well worth the wait. Her explanation was:


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