Hilarious Viral TikTok Is For Everyone Who Has Picked A Baby Name Their Family Doesn’t Get


When it comes to parenthood, one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child comes before the baby is born, and that’s picking a name.


It’s a big deal, & that’s not putting it lightly. Your child will be stuck with the moniker of YOUR choice for life, unless he or she changes it legally because you blew it that badly. And some parents really blow it- just ask X Æ A-12, (Elon Musk’s son).

While there are obviously some epic baby name disasters, there are others that family members simply won’t understand. Or know how to pronounce. Or actually use when referring to said child.

One dad’s comically hesitant reaction to his wife’s choice of name for their newborn son has gone viral because Dad is sure his Mexican mom won’t “get it”, & many new parents have been in his shoes with their families.

Photo Credit: @angelszane1 (TikTok)

Proud new parents Zane & Kenna shared the news of their son’s birth on their YouTube channel on October 23. When it came to choosing a name for their bouncing baby boy, however, Zane was perplexed by Kenna’s potential name choice.

He shared his thoughts in a TikTok video clip entitled, “You Wanna Name Our Kid What?”. And it’s clear that while Kenna may love the name, Zane is a little more dubious about it:

When your White ass wife wants to name You Child a name, but you are to concern about what your Mexican ass Family is going to say.

Zane’s “white ass wife” loves the name Siah, but Zane is stressing that his “Mexican ass family” will mangle the pronunciation of it. He fears his son will be forever known as, “Aya, fire”.


Zane is convinced that his Mexican mother won’t be able to pronounce the name, & their poor child will end up being called some bizarrely twisted version of the original.

(So they picked another name in the hopes that Zane’s mom could better pronounce it. But you already know where this is going- if the name worked, there would be no story.)

Zane recorded his mother’s response to the baby’s name reveal. 1: he was right about some names being tough to pronounce in multiple languages, and 2: TikTok is LOVING IT.

Photo Credit: @angelszane1 (TikTok)

The anticipation is building… Zane’s mama can’t wait to hear her grandson’s name. And in a flourish, Zane triumphantly declares (in Spanish):

The baby’s name is… Azael.

Then there is a pause. It’s a split second of silence as Mama processes the name.

(Or tries to.)

The newly minted grandmother then cocks her head & says, “Como?”, which translates as  “How?” in Spanish, but in parental terms basically means, “Whatchu talking about, Willis??”

Photo Credit: @angelszane1 (TikTok)

She’s already laughing (as are Zane’s wife & others heard in the background), but she’s willing to give it the old college try. After Zane repeats the name, his mother attempts to duplicate it:

Photo Credit: @angelszane1 (TikTok)

Oops, not quite!

Simply put, “Azael” doesn’t work for her; in typical mom fashion, she chuckles at what she views as her son’s weird-ass pronouncing ways:

Photo Credit: @angelszane1 (TikTok)

The bottom line: while Azael might be her grandson’s name, this Grandma’s going to call him whatever name version works for her, period. And Zane called it from the beginning!

If you’re thinking this is merely one grandma’s intolerance for a cool baby name, think again, friends.

Zane’s TikTok baby name videos have over 17K comments from parents whose children’s names are either mangled -or hell, changed!- by fellow family members.

Apparently there are legions of kids out there with family members that have heard a baby’s name & decided, “Nah! THIS version is better. Or THIS name instead.”

Maybe not healthy for Broccoli’s -sorry, Berkley’s– self-esteem, but nutritionally sound!

Tomato, tomah-to… amirite?

That could get awkward fast: “Where’s my sweet Kilo??!” Maybe Khaleb is the better option…


(Maybe not funny if your Jenna’s mom, but it leaves me cackling. Like a hyena, of course.)

Well, at least she finally came around, right, Ivan? I mean, Evan?

I mean, calzon(es) are delicious, so there’s that..?

Levi just seems easier, but well played, grandparents. Well played.

(I wouldn’t even be offended- both of these names are pretty bad-ass!)

See?? Give these grandparents an inch, & they take a MILE. Or a Kilometro.

Zane called it from the start, but it turns out that his mom is DEFINITELY not the only grandparent out there that isn’t catching the hang of her grandchild’s name. Many, many parents (and children) are feeling his pain- just ask Pantalon. Or Pistalero. Or poor, poor Diarrhea.


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