How Many Love Language Types Are There?


Seriously. What the heck? Just when you thought you had this whole “love thing” figured out, along comes the knowledge that there are more love language types than you knew existed. 


How is this possible? And how have we functioned as adults in committed (and sometimes non-committed) relationships up to this point in time? 

The cold hard truth is that love hurts, love stinks, and sometimes, love is incredible. It just depends on the day of the week and whether or not you’re open to learning your love language type and the type of love language that your partner longs for as well. 

Sounds simple, right? Actually, it can be.

Understanding the love language types to show love and receive love

Have you ever heard the phrase “heart of stone”? My kids joke about me having one, and some days, I fear it’s true. 

This is because some days, I’m just not feeling ANYTHING. There are no kind words or gifts that would make me want to show someone love or receive love at all. NADA.

But once I realized my love language, it helped put my mood a bit in perspective and helped my husband understand that I wasn’t bat shit crazy as well. 

I’m a “words of affirmation” type of love language. It means I need to be told A LOT that I’m loved (or as I like to say to my husband, “Tell me I’m pretty.”).

I know. I know what you’re thinking. It makes me sound totally needy, and I get that. But once I realized that it’s how I like to feel love, it really did help my husband understand how to show love as well.

Because as nice as it sounds to live in a land full of love and puppy dogs and kittens every single day, that newness wears off just like everything in life and reality sets in. 

love language types

Understanding love language types can save so much grief (and quite possibly your relationship and marriage).

Why is knowing a love language important?

It might not seem like a big deal just saying it out loud, but once you stop and think about it, it makes sense. 

If you could know that your partner just wants to spend the afternoon with you once a week, think how much time you’d save wracking your brains of all the other ways that you’re trying to show them love. 

Seriously. Once you find out the best love language type for each other, it just about changes everything — and for the better.

Find out how to communicate with your partner while also being true to yourself and let the love language in your relationship work in your favor. 


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