Big Ways to Show Love to Your Family


The love we have for the members of our family goes far beyond a group hug or cooking their favorite meals. And while it is important that we let them know how much they mean to us, often it isn’t very easy to come up with more significant ways in which we can express our appreciation for those special people in our lives. While small gestures go a long way, there are several bigger picture ways in which we can show our admiration.

Place emphasis on their mental health

When discussing family health, often, our physical well-being is the first thought that comes to mind. Our eating habits, fitness routines, and sleep schedules all play a part in impacting our bodies; however, another impactful way to express care for our family members is putting an emphasis on their mental health too. This includes not only watching for changes or shifts in behaviors and attitudes but proactively talking to our children about their mental health, as well as our partners. Engaging in conversation about each other’s headspaces can transform the way families are able to understand and communicate with each other at the next level.

Consider long-term planning solutions

While we are trying to express love to our family members, we must include making sure we are caring for them for the long-term just as much as the short-term. Immediate results in the effort we put in now may provide instant gratification, such as small material gifts or fun vacations, but taking responsibility for our family members beyond our time can offer a more profound sense of fulfillment.

While it is certainly difficult to imagine living without our loved ones, it is critical to stay ahead of life’s surprises by planning out your life insurance policies and establishing up-to-date wills. Despite being a topic we may try and suppress, shifting our focus and viewing it as an empowering opportunity to recognize our families’ worth is a clear way to show you value them.

Take an interest in their interests

It’s no secret that many times family members are diverse in their personalities and interests. Regardless of these differences, going out of your way to show that you acknowledge, and even support, their passions can lead to better relationships. Is someone in your family struggling to figure out where they thrive? Offer to explore new hobbies with them, as nothing says love like helping someone reach their full potential and find their sense of belonging. Similarly, partaking in these activities together lends to higher quality bonding time and an opportunity to make new memories.

Notice (and embrace) their changes

There are many reasons that people hate change. And despite our many reasons, change is always inevitable within families. As we grow and go through different stages of life, learning to accept each person through their changes opens a pathway to a more selfless type of love to lend. Whether you have a child going through puberty and hormonal changes or are dealing with a financially stressful situation that causes strain, understanding that circumstances can shift while still uplifting the members of your family is necessary. While this can certainly be challenging, it is also a rewarding way to be there for them.

The love we share for our family is so unique in how it can be the easiest thing to experience, yet much harder to show. Work these meaningful practices into your life to help communicate that intense appreciation you hold for them.


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