HUGE List Of Stay-At-Home Jobs


These past few years have changed everything we thought we knew about employment. We now know a ton of jobs can easily be stay-at-home jobs instead of having to trek into the office. (The option of not having to wear pants is a perk!)


If you’re interested in working from home, why not make it happen? All you have to do is put on your thinking cap and see how you can make your dream of finding a SAH job a reality. The good news? There are so many ways to make it happen! 

Here are a few jobs that can be done at home that give you the freedom and flexibility to try something new without ever having to leave the house. 

Stay-at-home jobs anyone can do

woman making jewelry as one of many stay-at-home jobs
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Keep in mind this is full of great options to work from home virtually or even be a digital nomad if you want, but some of these job options will require you to have additional skills. 

  • Data entry
  • Housecleaner
  • Dog walker
  • Freelancer
  • Virtual assistant 
  • Photographer
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Customer service
  • Blogger
  • Graphic designer
  • Accountant/bookkeeper
  • Babysitter/In-home daycare
  • Life coach/blogging coach
  • Online sales (think buying used and selling for a higher price, redoing furniture, etc.)
  • DIY crafts
  • Piano lessons (or anything artsy you are skilled at) 
  • Virtual teacher
  • Social media manager
  • Travel agent
  • Recruiter
  • Vacation planner
  • Run an online store
  • Sew clothing or other items
  • Reupholster furniture
  • Give sporting lessons (pitching, catching, rebounding, etc.) 
  • Sell baked goods
  • Create homemade cards
  • Sell photographs
  • Paint interior rooms of homes
  • Edit photos
  • Create commercials and jingles
  • Gift wrap during the holidays
  • List and sell items for others on eBay

What do you need to be able to work from home? 

For the most part, creating a successful work-from-home atmosphere isn’t hard to do. All you really need is a computer and internet connection if the job you’re going to be doing requires you to be online. 

Besides making sure you have the proper equipment, also be sure you have everything else handy you’ll need to hit the ground running. 

How to start working from home

The easiest way to work from your house is to get online and find out what is out there. The internet makes it super convenient to log in and search for needs and openings anywhere in the world. 

You should also network with family and friends and put out the word on the home business or job that you’re starting or looking for. Everyone seems to know someone these days who just might help you launch a business or get a foot in the door! 

Tips for easy stay-at-home jobs 

Working from home is a dream for millions and can easily become a reality. Make sure that you’re prepared to start right from day one. Being able to have a home office you don’t have to commute to makes working at home a lot of fun.

You just have to get up and start working! How cool is that? 

It’s also important to understand that working at home means you’ll need to balance and plan your time. People fail to realize there will be temptations waiting all the time while you’re at home. Don’t sabotage your ability to work from home by giving in to those temptations! 

Create a clear plan for success and then make it happen. You may find you never have to step foot inside an office again! 



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