I wish good dogs never got tired and old

It’s not fair that every once perky puppy turned just as excitable dog will one day start to get white and gray and slow down.

I mean, yes, that is the way it works for people, but dogs, there is just something about every one of them that is timeless.

There are no other creatures on this planet like dogs.

So selfless.

So forgiving.

So unconditionally supportive.

You can be an extremely flawed human, and arrive home after a day of you making a gazillion missteps, and that pup of yours will be right there to welcome you with a wagging tail, a stanky breath grin and unwavering companionship.

You can be a full-on dope, and that four-legged ball of fur will make you feel like a true master, a leader, and her king.

You can, even under the weight of the stress of so many responsibilities, unintentionally ignore man’s best friend and they will remain loyal and loving as hell.

Not because they are weak, needy creatures, but because that’s just how freakin’ strong of heart and mind they are.

Dogs are innately noble and self-sacrificing, and, my goodness, you sadly can’t say that for most humans.

I’m embarrassed to admit that since having children, my dogs have not just taken a back seat — cause even that’s filled with tiny humans — but instead, they’ve been demoted to the trunk because that’s where there’s room for them.

But, here’s the thing…

They still love me.

They still want me.

They still love those pint-sized humans that took their mommy and her heart.

They still want to serve our family.

They still want to make our lives better with their everpresent optimism and joyful nature.

And, because of this, I’ve got to start making my dog’s life, and what is left of it, better.

A good dog is more than a pet.

A good dog is a gift from God, allowing you to live with his love in the form of an easy-to-be-cuddled furry friend.

I wish good dogs never got tired and old.

But, even more than that, I wish that I had never gotten too tired and busy to love the dog that has and continues to make her life mission loving me and mine.



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