It’s OK To Need Your Husband


My husband is a landscaper and this time of year he is very busy and I barely see him. He leaves very early in the morning and comes back really late, since the seasons are changing he is getting ready for winter.


That leaves me taking care of the kids and the home. 

Someone recently said to me “There you go, women don’t need a man!” and my heart sunk and I thought to myself, but I do need my husband. Of course, I am capable of doing many things, but I cannot replace my husband

I started to think about all the reasons why I DO need my husband and it’s not just for the big things, the little things are just as important, the little things that become bigger things. 

I need my husband to be there with me and hold me up with the struggles of life are just too much to bear. 

I need him to tell me that I am not crazy when I feel like I am. 

I need him to make me laugh when I do not feel like laughing. 

I need his safety, that security of him telling me that everything will be okay.

I need his I love you’s and big warm hugs. 

It is not just a matter of needing him, I truly want him here. 

I want his friendship and conversation about our future. 

I want his smile.  I want to hear his voice every day because even after all these years it makes my heart flutter. 

I want his advice, the advice that sometimes let’s be honest I don’t listen to but knowing that he still cares enough to give it. I still want that. 

I need him and I want him, every day. Forever and always. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of women that take pride in their independence and there is nothing wrong with that. 

But there is nothing wrong with also wanting or needing a husband. 

As a mother of four, two boys and two girls. I want my sons to have a wife that will want them and need them, but I also want to make sure that my girls know that it is okay to want and need their husbands, as well as having independence.  

We have come a long way with women’s rights, but I just don’t want my girls thinking they aren’t allowed to want or need a man. 

Just like us, men want to be wanted and needed. They need to see that we actually want them around and need them around. 

Make sure to love them and love them hard. 

Let your husbands know that you need and want them too.


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