It’s OKAY To Be A Mama’s Boy


My precious, precious mama’s boy.

Your love for your mama knows no end.

Since the beginning, you have clung to me; your safety net in this strange world.


When you are sad, it is me you seek.

With lips poked out and your head hung low, you pour out your tiny frustrations through broken sentences and words only I can understand.

When the tears stream down your cheeks after yet another collision between your sweet head and the kitchen table, those tiny legs scurry straight to my open arms. I squeeze you tight and shower you with kisses, in the hopes that they will somehow ease your pain.

When you’re tired, you interlock your tiny fingers with mine and sweetly look up at me and say “It bedtime, Mama…I seepy”, and we barrel up those stairs together straight to bed, where we snuggle and exchange “I love you’s” until those big brown eyes drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Everyone refers to you as a mama’s boy, as if it’s somehow a negative thing.

They laugh and joke, and make comments here and there about how soft I am making you. They place a negative connotation on the thought of a male outwardly expressing his feelings. But now and forever, I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with that.

Please never allow anyone to declare that your love and need me for me somehow makes you less of a man. Hugs, kisses, loving words are always welcome and so appreciated. Those that tell you otherwise have been indoctrinated with the age old idea that men aren’t supposed to show their emotions; a silly notion that I hope you shy away from.

Loving your mother does not make you too soft.

It doesn’t make you overly emotional. It doesn’t revoke your manhood.

Loving me means that you respect the role I play in your life. Needing me means that I am doing my job as your protector. It means that I have proven myself to be worthy at the most important job God has ever given me.

My perfect baby boy, your love is so sweet and pure, and I’m honored to be the recipient of all of your sticky toddler kisses. My only hope is that they never, ever end. I know you’ll grow, and our relationship will go through seasons of change, but I promise to always be there for you. You are never too old to need your mother.

I will always be your safe place to land.

For now, I’ll hold you close and pray that the clock ticks slowly. I want to savor these moments with you for as long as I can.

Wrap those arms around me, and tonight I’ll hold you tight, and we’ll drift off together with matching smiles. For I find my comfort and solace in your sweet toddler smell, my forever mama’s boy ?

This post originally appeared on the Facebook Page, Four Norths In the South

My precious, precious boy.Your love for your mama knows no end.Since the beginning, you have clung to me; your…

Posted by Four Norths in the South on Wednesday, November 14, 2018


  1. I loved reading this so very much! I too have a “mama’s boy”. He’ll be 8 in just a weeks time. I’m hoping he never stops needing me. I tell him often that there is nothing wrong with loving your mama. Thanks for the great read.

  2. I’m going to start out by saying I love your blog. However, while it’s ok to be a Mama’s boy as a child, it is NOT ok to be a Mama’s boy when said boy has found his significant other. This either destroys marriages or at the least makes the wife miserable. I’ve been there (3 times). My husband had to learn that I was not sticking around if he was going to continue calling Mom when we had a disagreement, or just to gossip about everybody under the sun. Thank God I was able to preserve our marriage. He’s a Christian man. In the Bible God says the man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to the wife. We keep her in the picture. But boundaries had to be set. But ain’t nothing wrong with my boys being Mama’s boys right now. But when they are married, I expect that they will do the right thing and put her above me and their dad.

  3. I, too, have a mama’s boy. He’s now 20 years old and out in the world on his own. He has his own home and a fiance now, but when life gets tough he still comes to his mama for comfort. He calls me to find out how to cook certain foods the way I do so he can teach his fiance to do things the way I do them. Its definitely flattering to me, but it drives his fiance a little crazy. Elizabeth, if you ever read this, just know that I hope some day you feel the love of a son the way i have and still do. Nothing is stronger than the bond between a mother and son. It starts out as the mother being the ultimate fierce protector who would do anything for her son, but somewhere along the way that role reverses and the son becomes the one who would do anything to protect his mother. It’s an amazing bond that will never end.


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