It’s Teen Slang, Yo.


There’s a thread on a forum I frequent where participants are discussing the variations in slang between the UK and the rest of the world, particularly the United States. One member pointed out that in the US “thick” is often used in place of calling someone overweight or, ugh, fat (hate this). In the UK, it means something entirely different. It’s still an insult, but commonly used when referring to someone who is, ahhh, not all that bright.

I chuckled a bit as I read through, because, honestly, unless you’re the parent of a tween/teen, you really haven’t heard slang. All other so-called slang is just alternative lingo. It’s predictable, been heard before and quite honestly, boring as shit. I’ve been tempted to respond to this thread with:

“Yo, yo brahs. What’s crackalackin’? You know the flava’? NVM.

This thread is dope, and I’m totally down with what you’re discussing. But as a rent, you haven’t heard jack. Today’s homies go hard with the slang. They like to chop it up while chillaxin’.

Don’t hate. You’re all still boom ting.”

Now, of course, I’ll refrain from posting – but the temptation…hella-crazy!


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