The Latest TikTok “Influencer Challenge” Is The Most Hilarious Way To Punk Your Partner


As the pandemic rages on with no signs of stopping, boredom and desperation are beginning to set in. Hollywood is on hiatus and people are reluctant to step foot in the few movie theatres that are actually open. (Thanks for terrorizing an entire generation, 1995’s Outbreak.) 


People have already binge-watched every possible television show and movie on Netflix – TWICE. 

Sure, you could always read a book, renovate your house, do some gardening, or start a new hobby to kill the endless monotony that is our lives right now. OR you could lose yourself in the wonderful world of #challenge on social media. 

And the latest of these? Is the Influencer Challenge.

With over 65.5 million views on TikTok, the #influencerchallenge is on track to being one of the most popular challenges of 2020 so far.

And once you’ve taken a gander at some of the following clips, it’s easy to see why.

According to the Trending Meme description on TikTok, the premise is simple: 

The more outrageous the claims, the greater the reaction. And the results? Are freaking HILARIOUS. They range anywhere from downright outrage to uncontrollable laughter, and everything in between.

Like, for example, this one. This “influencer” mockingly throws shade on those real influencers who live in a world of $700 face creams and add #blessed to every single post.

While the lotion may be on sale for $300 (beauty doesn’t come cheap) and last you 20 days, the expression on her husband’s face? Priceless.


My husband throwing shade when I said my skin looks amazing! WTH! ? #fyp #influencer #pretendyouraninfluencer #influencerchallenge

? original sound – gabbysmamabear

And then there’s @ortizfamily275’s video. Somehow she manages to keep a straight face (almost) while her husband flips his lid over the idea that she spent $80 (it was a SUPER sale, you guys) on a crop top, begging the question, “You got sponsors?”


Pretending to spend $80 on a top, see my husbands reaction ??? #fyp #viral #husband #prank #influencerchallenge #foryourpage #husband #wife #couple

? original sound – cat_ortiz02

And then there are the ones where the witnesses have no words. None. Just laughter. A whole lotta laughter. And tears.


@therealindiandad doing the Influencer Challenge! #therealindiandad #rascal #closethewindows #findyourhappy #influencerchallenge

? original sound – sheena.melwani

Even the “influencer” can’t stop laughing.

But it’s not just about showcasing pretend expensive products or the deliciously bullshit lies that the pranksters are spouting to get a reaction from their audience. It’s not just about the reactions that make you want to die laughing or shake your head in disbelief.

Oh no.

It’s the rare glimpse into the three types of partners that exist in the wild where the real beauty of this challenge lies. 

The “I’ve Got Your Back, Baby.”

This is the partner that is ALL IN. The one that supports your TikTok dreams and even goes the extra mile to help you make them come true. Making sure the lighting is JUST RIGHT:


when he’s supportive of ur tiktok dreams? @brodimus #influencer #influencerchallenge #couplegoals #support #fyp #foryou

? original sound – alexaolivier_


Get you a man who supports & hypes up yur dreams ??? ((@scuba_steve20)) #influencerchallenge #fyp #foryou #relationshipgoals #goals #hypemeup #viral

? original sound – caseycakez_

And giving you high-fives:


He’s been wanting me to film youtube videos for my channel ? #fyp #boyfriendprank #influencerchallenge #couple #influencer @devenchris

? original sound – aileenchristineee

The ones that are #couplegoals because they are just SO DAMN SWEET AND SUPPORTIVE.


Wow I guess maybe I should have new career goals after all of that @ianpaget_ #couple #couplechallenge #influencer #influencerchallenge #boyfriend

? original sound – olsennchris

The “What The Actual Fuck” ‘ers.

The ones who have mastered the art of the *eyeroll*. Those who are, shall we say, a little less than enthusiastic about their partner’s influencer goals.


My bf watching this like ? ? ? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #influencerchallenge #influencersinthewild

? original sound – devcali

The partners who question “what followers?” and “are you for real?”


he just crushed my life long career goal ?? #fyp #husband #influencerchallenge

? original sound – thekelleysmith

And who think your only fans are your sisters and cousins and you’d be a whole lot better off if you’d just forget about your followers and FOLLOW JESUS.


Not “follow Jesus” ??? #influencer #influencerchallenge #couplegoals #blacktiktok #tiktoknigeria #epicfail @jidensky

? original sound – mrs_jidensky

The In-Between’ers.

The ones who just can’t with all of it but want to at least appear supportive. Through the laughter, the tears, and the bald-faced lies, obviously.


At least he turned the light on for me.? #fyp #influencerchallenge #funny

? original sound – theweisslife

While it’s entertaining to poke a little fun at the life of an influencer, the reality is that they are no joke. They are savvy men, women, and children (yes, children) who are masters at harnessing the power of persuasion.

There are influencers for just about everything.

Beauty, fashion, health & wellness, design, toys, parenting, and more. And many of them? Are raking in the dough. The most popular ones, like Kylie Jenner, are making upwards of $1M per post.

It is a multi-billion dollar industry. And you? Might just be the next big thing…

To participate in the challenge, or to check out more hilarious influencerchallenge videos, click here.


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