My Favorite Pins of the Week: Express Yourself


The last few weeks have been a shitstorm around the Ponti household. This has left me feeling particularly, let’s say, volatile. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to jump off a bridge or assassinate my family while they’re sleeping. By volatile, I mean my attitude is more or less: bite my ass. My favorite pins of the week express in pictures what I would love to say in words:

There’s always that one person on Facebook who doesn’t have the balls or class to pick up the phone or say something to someone’s face. So they go around shitting on individuals indirectly by using terms such as “People should…” or “They are…” – hinting, but not really saying. A few people like their posts, because they also lack class and balls, while the rest of us sit there thinking, “Wow. You’re a laughable piece of work – like dog poop shaped into a penis.” From the board of Kristine Theisen-Brown:

I prefer the German version, but, really, if you’re going to sneeze 36 times in a row, don’t expect us to acknowledge each one. Found this in Ashton Smith’s collection of Funnies:

Jennifer Raichel Gray liked it and so do I:

Kudos to your two repins Amy Lyday:

I know I said I wouldn’t use the F-word in posts…Screw it. I like this one, and it’s totally relevant. Thanks Sonia Luvs Fashion Valencia or whoever you really are:

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