The Mom to Not Mom Conversations


Sometimes we forget that not every woman is wrapped up in motherhood and stinky diapers. Whether a personal choice or for reasons beyond control, we should be respectful of the conversations that we have with other women and remember, no two women are woven from the same fabric. Random thoughts from my BFF…

I am not a mom, unless you count three dogs, three birds and two guinea pigs, but I did not birth them, I can leave them in a cage when it works for me and when they die, I have to dig the hole myself. There is something you must understand about me, I do not ooze maternal instinct. I do not like the way that babies smell; it is not magical as far as I am concerned. I do not consider everything they do to be the most amazing thing to ever grace my Facebook newsfeed. I would rather stab myself repeatedly with a fork than to ever utter ‘baby talk’. Now if you’re my friend, you know these things about me and should essentially realize than some ‘girly’ conversations are best held with your other girlfriends.

The one conversation I dread with all my being is the ‘We’re thinking about having another kid’ conversation. I honestly do not know how to respond to that. I can’t really congratulate you. You technically haven’t done anything. Do I congratulate you for deciding to have more sex with your husband? Honestly, it is more information than I need. What if all of the extra ‘lovin’ doesn’t give you the hoped for ‘payoff’? Are you going to be resentful of my awkward, ‘umm good luck’, reply?

Do us both a favor, wait until you are pregnant…then I can congratulate you and not feel awkward. Just remember, not every woman shares the same desires for children. Some of us prefer to focus on our careers. Some of us have a near allergic reaction to anything baby related. We are all different, we are all unique and that is perfectly okay.




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