Jimmy Kimmel Asks Men About Basic Female Anatomy And Their Responses Are Hilarious


Women’s bodies have a lot going on. After all, they literally have the ability to create life and carry a small human being or beings, for crying out loud.

They’re complicated. 


So complicated in fact, that roughly half of the population (give or take) appears to have no frigging clue about even their basic makeup.

You would think that after learning about the female body in sex-ed class and presumably having relationships with women that men would know SOMETHING about a woman’s body.

You’d think. 

Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask men basic questions on the female anatomy and their responses are HILARIOUS. And wrong. OMG. So very wrong.

They say when you know you know, and these men clearly do not know. Like, AT ALL. And honestly, it begs the question, where the hell were you guys during biology class?

It would seem, based on the responses, that when it comes to the female body, some men don’t know jack shit. 

In a segment entitled “What Do You Know About The Female Body?” an interviewer asked random men a series of questions about, you guessed it, the female body. And the answers were eye-opening.

Image Credit: YouTube

Questions like, do most women have one uterus or two? Even with a 50-50 chance of getting it right, men still got it wrong. It’s not two.

And how many fallopian tubes do women have? Hint, she says TUBES. As in plural. Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Because apparently, women have 1. Or 4 (at least this guy admitted he knew he was “going to be way off.” He was right about being way off.)

Or maybe it’s 6 fallopian tubes. 

Wait, it’s OVARIES that women have 6 of.

Image Credit: YouTube

Yeah, no. It’s two.

Moving on, what part of the body does a mammogram examine? 

“Oooh the lower half,”

one man responded.

Image Credit: YouTube

Look, it’s true boobs tend to migrate south the older you get, but dude, not that far south.

Next up, what does PMS stand for?

Forget premenstrual syndrome. It’s POST MENTAL SYNDROME now.

Bahahahahaha also, I mean, he’s not totally wrong about the mental part. (Just ask my kids and husband around the middle of every month.)

And contrary to popular belief, it happens more than once a year. Sadly.

But it’s when the interviewer pulls out diagrams and asks men to point out various parts, that the train really goes off the rails. Barrelling past the Hollywood sign. Plunging down a ravine. And heading out to sea.

In other words, this does not go well. 

Where’s the cervix? The vagina?  

Image Credit: YouTube

One man says:

“Oh man, You’re asking me trick questions.”

Actually, no. There are no tricks. Just basic anatomy.

Another asks:

“Is it on there?”

Yes. Yes, it is. 

At this point, the interviewer starts to lose all hope in MANkind. She gives up on asking specifics and says, “just point to stuff that you know.”

Even that is too much to ask, apparently. Because no one on camera got it right. Any of it.

She tries a different tactic.

“Do you know what this is?”

Image Credit: YouTube

“Is this the mammogram device?”

(That sir, is an IUD.)

Which, to his credit, he did eventually guess. Except he was looking at a picture of a speculum when he guessed it. Oops. 

Speaking of speculums…it’s called a Scheide Öffner in German (At least according to one guy it is. I don’t speak German so I can’t say for sure. So maybe.)

But the absolute best part of the entire set, or the worst, depending on how you look at it, is the man who thinks a baby goes in the ovaries.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t. That’s what the UTERUS is for.

Image Credit: YouTube

What makes this even better, is that his wife, who is standing next to him, is a gynecologist. Oh, the irony. 

And we’re guessing she wouldn’t be sad about it if the sidewalk opened up and swallowed her whole.

She laughingly says:

“I’m mortified. Oh wow…I’m apparently not a very good educator at home for my husband.”

The set ends with this couple, and rightfully so, there’s nothing like saving the best for last. 

To be fair, this is not ALL men.

It’s merely a sampling of men on a busy Hollywood street corner. And there was no mention of all the men who were able to answer the questions correctly.

Additionally, if you were to ask women the same questions, in all likelihood, not all of them would be able to answer the questions about female anatomy either. 

As for the guys who fantastically failed the assignment, they might want to try reading a book or two on human anatomy. The women in their lives would appreciate it.

You can check out the entire video here:



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