WARNING!!!! Do not watch unless you want to pee yourself while laughing at me!!! Thank you to The LunchBox Waxing Salon. You guys were great. I like to keep it real, and I don’t think I could be any more real…… so enjoy this weeks vide0, The LunchBOX Part 2: Bye Bye Lady Bits. Please make sure to follow on Joy of Mom, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and make sure to check out my new book Scoop the poop! Thank you so much for the support!


  1. If you enjoy the benefits of waxing, try a european beeswax that doest require the strips. It hurts like 10 times less..I do it every month, and have been for years..oh..and remember the first time is always the worst…lol..you did great..

  2. Oh my. I laughted so hard. Then i cried for ya. Umm that looked like it hurt like a B**ch. Well that just burned my thoughts about getting it done . No way no thanku not for a million dollars. I hope the business manager liked ur silky smoothness. Haha he better after wat you went through for it. Wow still no way for me . Hehe

  3. OMG I always wondered if I would do this but after watching you, hummmm nope I’ll pass lol. Your a good sport and love your videos. I’m also told the first time waxing lady parts is always the worse suppose to get easier the morn you do it 🙁 but I’ll still pass

  4. OMGeeeeeeeee, holy bananas that was crazy funny! Sorry for your pain! I only can’t imagine doing it but how can someone do that job?! Lmbo!


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