I Need Five Minutes!


Sometimes I think my kids want me to smell like a bag of onions. I haven’t taken an uninterrupted shower in over ten years. Does this ever happen to you? Can you relate? Check out this weeks video, “I Need Five Minutes” and share with someone who has a similar shower situation.

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  1. Oh my gosh!! This video is spot on! Moms can’t even go potty w/o the kids banging the door down!! My kids are grown, but I remember! Great job

  2. My daughter LOVES watching this video! Lol she says “mommy can you please pull up the five minutes video?” ? Thanks for the humorous video of the reality we live in.

  3. My kids fight when i need 5 mins in the shower. Or I hear them running around and breaking stuff. I scream at them from the shower with all sorts of threats they dont care..because they know..im not gonna jump out of the shower full of shampoo and have to clean my own water mess..knock it off!!!!! You are so done for when i get out!! Just a few..


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