Wife Drops F-Bomb When Hubby Surprises Her With Lexus in Funny SNL Holiday “Commercial”


This holiday season is definitely more challenging in terms of feeling the usual Christmas cheer. The pandemic has sapped our much of our enthusiasm… and our finances. While supposedly ’tis the season to be jolly, a lot of us aren’t feeling so jolly right about now.   


While scrounging up some Christmas magic might feel like an uphill battle, the right Christmas gift can go a long way in making beautiful Christmas morning memories.

But take it from Saturday Night Live, people: a brand-new car is not the right Christmas gift, no matter WHAT those holiday car commercials tell you.

SNL’s latest comedic clip pokes fun at the cliche car commercials that feature a husband surprising his wife with a brand-new Lexus, & the realistic family meltdown that ensues is the comedic gift that keeps on giving.

We’ve all seen the car commercials that run during the holiday season: think a gleaming set of car keys, a big red bow on a shiny new vehicle parked in the driveway, & a spouse’s very delighted response to such an extravagant gift.

SNL’s “December To Remember” commercial spoof features all of that… minus the spouse’s “delighted response”. 

And it goes without saying that most of us, while loving the general fantasy of being gifted with our dream car, would have a panic attack if our spouse blasted our meager budget with spontaneous purchase like this.

(Just ask my husband about my “reaction” to his impulsive purchase of a bearded dragon lizard, an event that will forever be known as “The Lizard Incident of 2012.” Better yet, DON’T. It’s still a touchy topic.)

The sketch opens on a perfect Christmas morning; it has a warmly lit holiday decor, and a couple seated contentedly on their couch.

Already their Christmas morning is nothing like the average family Christmas morning: no wrapping paper carnage, demands for batteries, or endless child requests of, “Can you open this for me??”.

Looks like a peaceful, happy holiday… but wait! There’s one more gift hidden under the tree!

The narrator cues in with:

 It hasn’t been a normal year, so this Christmas, get her something extraordinary.

(Oh, it’s extraordinary, alright! And extraordinarily BAD decision.)

Dad asks the couple’s teenage son to hand Mom the small box. And she opens it to reveal:

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

Obviously the wife is shocked, & the husband proudly escorts her out to their driveway to see a brand-new Lexus parked there waiting for her.

The husband:

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

Merry Christmas, baby!

*cue the abrupt screech of a record player needle… as this luxury car commercial takes a turn to show this moment would REALLY go down in the vast majority of households- especially this year.*

The wife:

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

Are you fucking KIDDING ME, Nathan?! Did you seriously buy a car without asking me?!

Merry Christmas from Lexus, indeed!

Like all stereotypical luxury car commercials featured around the holidays, a husband has brought his wife a Lexus without her knowledge. But SNL’s sketch depicts how the gift would REALLY go down in most families.

The wife is understandably stunned. And when the husband awkwardly fumbles for an explanation, pointing out that it’s a Christmas gift, the wife explodes with:

It’s a Lexus; we don’t have the money for this, Nathan!!”

At this, their teenage son Matt turns to his mother in shock: “We don’t??”

(No, Matt. Your family is broke, & there’s no Santa, either. 2020 is all sorts of fucked-up, kiddo.)

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

 Despite Nathan’s reluctance for his son Matt to know the truth, the wife reveals that:

Dad hasn’t worked since last March.

(It turns out that Dad has been unemployed, which makes this Lexus purchase even more ridiculous.) As he sheepishly explains:

Yeah. Covid has hit a lot of people hard, and I’m no exception.

Oof. Painful, but we feel ya’, Nathan. The Covid-19 pandemic put a LOT of people out of work, so we get it…

…or maybe not, since, as his wife explodes:

Nathan, you got fired in March 2019– Covis had NOTHING to do with it!

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

Oh, SNAP! So much for the pandemic plea for clemency…

The couple continues to argue heatedly as the narrator pleasantly suggests to viewers that “it’s beginning to look a lot like savings”.

(Actually, it’s beginning to look a lot like Nathan’s Christmas surprise sucks.)

The commercial continues as Nathan defensively points out that:

It was only $3995 due at signing. 4 grand. It’s not that much, babe!

His wife then asks how much the monthly payment is.

You know- the part they don’t elaborate on in those cozy Christmas car commercials, but is a necessary evil for something that costs a bloody fortune, Nate.

And Nathan’s response is EXACTLY why most people would be super-stressed when their less-than-financially-savvy-partner would try to negotiate a car purchase without their knowledge:

….the WHAT?…

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

The couple continues to bicker over the APR (or “aper”, as ignorant Nathan refers to it), and the neighbor pops in to bring this spoof to the heights of awkwardness as he drops some truthbombs on things that Nathan had told him:

  1. He needed to borrow money because he couldn’t afford Christmas gifts for his family.
  2. His wife doesn’t respect him… and she’s cheating on him… with everyone.
  3. He wants to “look cool” in front of his son’s girlfriend. (Um, EWW.)
Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

Their neighbor is PISSED; Nathan borrowed money from him, claiming:

I just need five grand to get back on my feet!”

So instead of a blissfully thrilled wife and a victorious husband, the “commercial” ends with marital carnage & teenage angst as the family loads up into the Lexus… to (hopefully) return it right back to the dealership!

Oh, and the crucial message:

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

Yes, there are undoubtedly families that can -and do- surprise their loved ones with astronomically priced luxury cars for Christmas.

But for the vast majority of us, these commercials seem laughably outrageous.

Saturday Night Live’s take on how this would really play out is a hilarious cautionary tale on what NOT to buy your spouse on Christmas morning- especially if you want to have a holly, jolly Christmas (and stay married.)


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