There is Now A Christmas Vacation “Cousin Eddie” RV Inflatable Lawn Decoration And It’s The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving


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The winter holidays are soon approaching, and here’s a public service announcement regarding that: Friends don’t let friends post how many days are left until Christmas on Facebook.

Don’t. Just DON’T. No one needs that kind of pressure.


I’m the worst about “making my list and checking it twice” -I loathe the gift shopping process- but when it comes to decorating for Christmas, I’m a total geek. When it comes to holiday decor, my take is the more, the merrier!

Confession: I’m also a sucker for outdoor decorating, especially the big, inflatable outdoor holiday decorations. Which is unfortunate for my husband, who is the one stuck outside on a frigid winter day attempting to nail stakes into the frozen ground to secure them. 

I blame Clark Griswold for my obsession with promoting family cheer.

Chevy Chase’s goofy dad character from the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of my most cherished parts of the holiday season.

If you’re fans of the Griswold family too, hold onto your butts, because we’ve found the gift that keeps on giving… all winter long!

Proof that Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year: you can now buy an inflatable Christmas Vacation “Cousin Eddie RV” lawn decoration.

Photo Credit: Home Depot

Ah, yes, Cousin Eddie’s RV. Who can forget Cousin Eddie- the awkwardly bumbling cousin of Clark’s that parks his aging bucket of bolts outside the Griswold family home for the holidays (you can buy a replica of that too by the way)?

In case you’ve forgotten, maybe this will refresh your memory: Eddie in his bathrobe, guzzling a beer, and exuberantly emptying the RV’s toilet tank via hose. And of course, his legendary phrase:

Merry christmas! The shitter was full!

Thank you, Randy Quaid, for this awesome depiction of festive trailer living!

The Christmas Vacation RV stands an impressive 4 feet tall and is pre-lit with energy-efficient lights.

The energy-efficient bulbs are a nice touch; there’s no risk of sapping the entire neighborhood’s electric power, unlike Clark Griswold’s holiday light extravaganza.

The RV also features the movie’s logo and it’s classic rust stains, as well as the very accurate, well… shitter hose.

Because what’s a holiday RV decoration without a full shitter, am I right?!

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like your own authentic Cousin Eddie RV.

Photo Credit: Home Depot

If you’re dying to pick up your own Christmas Vacation RV, you can snag one at Home Depot for $199.

Forget the inflatable reindeer and Santas; been there, done that. It’s time to start a tacky holiday tradition, & there’s nothing tackier than Cousin Eddie’s home on wheels.. at home on your lawn.

The shock value alone to your neighbors -if they’re anything like Clark’s next-door yuppies Margot & Todd- makes this baby worth every penny.

Celebrate this year’s holidays with a good old-fashioned Griswold family Christmas!

And if you want some more National Lampoon’s Christmas goodies, here are a few fun ones from good Ole’ amazon that you could have up before Halloween is over.

If you’re into that sort of thing. 



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