Mom with OnlyFans Account Sparks Outrage, School Expels Her Kids in Response


Crystal Jackson, a Sacramento, California, mom of three, has sparked a debate online after she spoke out when the Catholic school her three children attended expelled them as punishment after angry moms found her OnlyFans account.


It all started when a local Sacred Hearts Parish dad found Jackson’s OnlyFans account and showed his wife.

His wife, in turn, shared the images with a group of other Sacred Hearts Parish moms, and things got ugly. The group of outraged mothers allegedly pressured the school to expel the Jackson children, calling their mother “disgusting.”


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OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media account where creators can hide their content behind a paywall.

This means that the dad who initially found Jackson’s account was a paying member of OnlyFans, which begs some interesting questions.

“Their whole strategy from day one was, ‘I’m gonna take you down,'”

Jackson told People in an interview.

“It was gut-wrenching, having them send my photos to school saying, ‘This is disgusting, and this is gross.'”

The images in question are mostly Jackson wearing lingerie or shirts and underwear while she performs basic household chores. Her entire schtick appears to be “the hot mom next door,” which was an intentional way for Jackson and her husband to spice up their marriage.

The couple started the account to help their marriage get a little extra spice – something every couple wants from time to time.

So, together they formed the account and made an astonishing $14,000 the first month.


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Jackson shares suggestive images of herself, some of which are “tasteful nudes,” and pairs them with sexy stories. The strategy appears to be incredibly smart and lucrative because Jackson is raking in $150,000 per month now.

But none of that has impressed the Catholic school community.

According to People, the school is changing their handbook to include, “any parent who is involved in a site or blog that goes against teachings of the church and school philosophy must be removed.”

Jackson says she feels that she was unfairly treated.

“In the year 2021, here we are, trying to bring a woman down for her choices and what she does with her husband,” Jackson told People. “It’s body shaming and bullying all encompassed into one, and it’s such a double standard and disturbing.”


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The Jackson family does not currently have plans for their children to return to Sacred Heart Parish and is reportedly looking for a new school.




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