Mom’s Tweet Goes Viral After Sharing What She’ll Miss When Life Goes Back To Normal


The pandemic has thrown a major wrench into everything we previously knew as “normal”. Most of us have been scrambling during the last few months to cover the seemingly impossible bases.


We’ve all had to hunker down & adapt to virtual learning, social distancing, mask mandates, & a boatload of cancelled plans, events, & gatherings. There’s been a cataclysmic shift from the bustling lives we knew before.

And yet, the idea of returning to our former highly regimented, hectic lives has some parents equally struggling.

A mom shared her hesitations on Twitter about what she’ll miss when things finally return back to her family’s “normal”, and it really drives home the reality that pandemic or not, moms’ lives are intensely busy.

Emily Ramshaw is the co-founder & CEO of the 19th News, an independent & non-profit newsroom. In addition to her professional responsibilities, she’s also a mom, which as we all know brings a whole host of personal responsibilities as well.

Like may of us, Ranshaw’s life was upturned by the massive changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic that swept the country last March.

Instead of balancing her typical work/home tasks, she -like countless others- attempted to navigate this new, shifting world of “WTF??” reality that we were all suddenly thrown into.

The struggle has been real, to say the least.

Nearly a year later, we’re beginning to see some light at the end of a very long & dreary tunnel. In many parts of the country, stores & schools are re-opening, vaccinations are occurring, & many industries are slowly heading towards what we all desire: NORMALCY.

But as much as we think we crave normal, for some families “normal” comes with a hefty price, too.

Emily Ramshaw shared her thoughts on the idea of returning to life as she knew it prior to corona via this thoughtful tweet:

It goes without saying we can’t wait to ditch the masks. We’re sick of sanitizing constantly. Social distancing is for the birds. We’ve all been cooped up a long time -too long- and long to finally be free of Covid-19’s tight grip.

Essential workers have been our unsung heroes, but they’re tired. Everyone’s tired.

We can’t wait to bid Covid adieu- don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, corona!

But as Emily points out, many of us forget that “normal” meant busy. Really, really BUSY.

Ramshaw shares that as she thinks about what the return to her previous way of life was:

I don’t want to travel endlessly for work.

While you may not travel like Emily for your own job, her next pondering is one that many, many families can relate to:

I don’t want my weekends to be over-committed with activities.

(Been there, girl. While I want my kids to enjoy activities with friends again, I can’t say I miss the frosty early-morning peewee soccer clinics all weekend.)

I don’t want to miss bedtime with my kid.

While adapting to working remotely with kids at home is certainly not for the faint of heart, one of the perks is getting to enjoy those special moments with your kids that you’d otherwise have missed due to a normal work schedule.

And how about clothes?

I don’t want to wear blazers – or hell,even shoes.

Remember when we had to wear things like pants…. when out in the world?

While Ramshaw knows how privileged she has been to be home with her daughter (and financially stable), her tweet drives home the point that moms are always SO DAMN BUSY, pandemic or otherwise.

And many, many moms rang in on Twitter to share their own thoughts about life after #pandemiclife.

Agreed- both paces of life can be painful in their own way. So can bras.

  Interesting point; what WILL our new normal be like, exactly?

We’re used to “doing what we do” in terms of earning our daily bread.

But when a major shift occurs, especially outside of our own power, to change that… it makes us really ponder how we’ve been doing what we do.

Being present in the moment doesn’t come naturally, so for some, this bizarre period of time seeming to stand still has actually allowed that. 

Nailed it, Travis! The reality is, whether you were homebound during the pandemic or an essential worker out in the world these past few months, countless Americans are overworked & accustomed to pushing too hard for too long.

For some, a life change is in order. And the pandemic has really shed some light on that.

But of course, some of us can’t be tamed at this point…

(That whole pants-wearing thing.)

One of the most important realities about the pressure that the pandemic put on families is THIS:

Many Twitter users understandably took issue with what they felt was Emily Ramshaw’s “privilege” in ruminating about having to wear blazers again… especially those who have reasonably been financially and/or physically devastated by Covid-19’s impact on families.


And others simply had a difference in opinion in actually looking forward to the hustle & bustle of their previously busy lives:


But while Emily was sharing her own thoughts on the matter, it drove home the point that for everyone, life has morphed into something so different from what we knew…

…and there will be growing pains returning to “normal”- whatever that may be for you & your family.

The bottom line is that mothers have been juggling a tremendous amount of responsibility prior to the pandemic, during the pandemic, and -depending on what normal we return to- AFTER the pandemic. 


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