Outdoor Careers for Teens That Any Mom Can Endorse


By the time your children become teenagers, you likely have some idea of the career path they plan to take. Say your teen loves being outdoors more than anything. Then why not introduce them to careers that will primarily keep them outdoors? Can you think of a better way to enjoy life — and be self-sustaining?

And because landing a job is all about who you know, encourage them early on about the importance of networking and getting their foot in the door. Of course, don’t forget to look into education requirements and opportunities to land internships, too.

Indeed, if your enterprising teen is scoping out a future that will allow them to be outdoors, then, by all means, have them check out the career paths below.

Landscape Architect

It’s one thing to enjoy being outdoors. However, it’s completely different if your teen enjoys and is proficient at designing aspects of their environment. With that in mind, you may want to encourage them to become a landscape architect, who primarily designs parks, streetscapes, trails and a whole lot more.

To start off, look at developing your child’s artistic abilities, like drawing or building things with Legos; then, turn it into a career path that is beneficial to the environment and community. Indeed, landscape architects significantly impact the quality of life in communities by designing natural environments that provide for cleaner air and water, reduce pollution or offer up natural scenery for all to enjoy. Imagine your teen creating a work of art that will be around for a lifetime.

Firearm Engineer

Just one specialty of a mechanical engineer, a firearm engineer specializes in the design and manufacturing of guns. Of course, creating guns that are safe requires strong research, problem-solving and design skills, all of which can be developed by your child in school or even specialty summer camps. As they become older, your child can then learn the ins and outs of making prototypes, testing and outlining safety procedures.

Firearm engineers bring safety and joy to gun owners for hunting, sporting and personal safety use. Plus, they’ll gain the added benefit of acquiring several life skills that are required to do the job right. But more importantly, your loved one will be able to spend time outdoors testing and using the products they design.

Forest Ranger

Teens into scouting might want to consider a career as a park ranger. Considering all the merit badges they have collected over the years, this career choice may very well be a natural transition into protecting and safeguarding our forests and wildlands.

Of course, park rangers are first responders for natural and man-made emergencies and also teach the public about best conservation practices. Most teens who have been in scouts may have met with a park ranger already. If not, why not set it up? Park rangers would love to talk to teens about their job, and some may even have an animal rescue story to tell.

Adventure Tour Guide

Being an outdoor adventure guide is perfect for teens who enjoy living on the wild side, as it’s a career path that provides a daily dose of adrenaline while on an expedition. Your child will guide trips for adventurers while rafting or mountain climbing, maybe even a hunting or fishing trip. Truthfully, the fun is endless.

Adventure tour guides provide joy to those who would otherwise stay home. This career path could also lead to your teen creating their own business. So show your teen a career that allows them to do what naturally feels good: getting crazy wild, man!

Wildlife Biologist

Does your teen show an interest in science? A wildlife biologists studies and observes wildlife’s role in the ecosystem, as well as interacts with humans. Wildlife biologists are important for preserving the environment and understanding how creatures share the planet with humans. Most will specialize in marine biology, entomology, limnology or ornithology, or perhaps other fields of study.

Many life skills are used by a wildlife biologist, like budgeting and controlling costs. What mom wouldn’t want that instilled in their son or daughter? How about public speaking? After all, they’ll no doubt have to present research findings to various public and private entities. Indeed, this is just a sample of the skills your child will develop as a wildlife biologist.

An Exciting and Rewarding Caeer Path Lies Ahead

These are just a few career paths your outdoor-oriented teen may want to check out. With your guidance and encouragement, a rewarding and enjoyable life lies ahead for your teen.


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