Putting Yourself First is SUPER Easy You Guys


I’m a mother of three, and as such I sometimes find myself feeling like a bit of a hot mess. But, if you think about it, putting yourself first is easy. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I’m doing my best to be more #blessed than #stressed, but sometimes when I’m elbows deep in laundry and whining kids, my mind starts to wander to the good old days when I could get up, have a shower and eat a meal in peace without having someone’s fingers creeping up my nose.


In the interest of trying to feel like a calmer, more refreshed parent, I took to the sacred digital Bible of my people to find a solution to my little overwhelm problem.

The Holy grail known as the almighty Pinterest, a place where I could get some real-life advice from other happy mothers (just like me!) on how to stay healthy, keep sane, and prioritize my mama self!

From what I can see, my problem is that I’m not prioritizing self care or putting my needs first. Crazy right!?

Apparently if I just take a little extra time and energy to put myself first and do those little things to take care of myself, I’ll end up a better person, wife and mother. Silly me! Why didn’t I think of this sooner!?

When I researched some things to keep healthy and organized, I was able to develop a plan to keep my shit together and rock a daily routine that is mama-tested and Pinterest approved.

Better yet, the mamas that tested it were beautiful, put-together and spent their time “making memories” in pristine off-white kitchen! EXPERTS! 

Here are my best “Easy” Self Care ideas For Moms

Meditation is good for you, so I try to meditate every day.

My children are loud so I get up an hour early to do so. I also work from home, so waking up early is necessary to get any focus in. Better make that 2 hours early! The alarm goes off at 4 am, and I think of what I should write in my gratitude journal.

I’m grateful for coffee.

A routine is important and so I would start each day with a journaling session, complete with to-do list.

I’d probably use a bullet journal so I can track wellness-type things, and just stay up a couple of hours the night before prepping my pages with 7 different colored gel pens so I could stay super organized.

Its imperative to stay grateful too, so I’d have to save a line or two for that.

Also a healthy breakfast! It’s important to have the energy I need for my busy day. Better make sure it’s packed with Omega 3s, I heard that was something I should care about. The other day I forgot to pick up toilet paper at the store, and I can’t say for certain, but I’m betting that oversight was a direct result of Omega-3 deficiency.

After I’m fed and organized, I’d take them time to play with my kids.

It’s important to stay connected. Then I’d read to them, because reading is important. I’d then read the news because being an informed citizen of the world is my responsibility. Did I mention coffee? I’m grateful for coffee.

The next thing I’d do is meal plan. Then meal prep. Anything to do with meals, really.

Did I mention I’m a mom? Life is really just the thing that happens between meals anyways. Then I’d clean my kitchen. You know, it’s hard to stay grateful with a messy kitchen.

I put on a face mask and sink into the tub.

My kids are potty training so they run in and out of the bathroom putting their grubby hands in the bathwater. I’m grateful for soap. I get out of the bath to wipe a tiny ass. I get back in, because I’m putting myself first.

I ask my husband to put the kids to bed because I need to work. This is my me-time. I burn a scented candle while I hack at my deadlines. I light a scented candle because I’m putting myself first.

I hop into bed and reflect on my day. My husband says I look tired and should take care of myself more. I roll my eyes and think about Pinterest. I get back out of bed to work on my morning Bujo Pages.

I’m putting myself first. Super easy. 

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Mandi Em
Mandi Em is the Content Creator for Healthy Living for Hot Messes (www.healthylivingforhotmesses.com), a website that aims to help the average Jane get healthy AF (without being a dick about it). Mandi can usually be found whining about her kids on Twitter (www.twitter.com/hlfhm), and posting pics of her food and nonsense on Facebook (www.facebook.com/healthylivingforhotmesses) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/healthylivingforhotmesses)


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