Snoop Dogg Listening To “Let It Go” In His Car Is The Video We Never Knew We Needed. Until Now.


By now we have all had MONTHS of living in quarantine. And for many of us, this has meant we have reached a whole new level of “family bonding.” We are spending ALL DAY every freaking day with our beloveds, 24/7, and it’s A LOT. Like, a lot a lot.


And sometimes? You just need a break. A quiet moment or two, away from the noise, and the demands, and the homeschooling (lord help me). Away from the bickering, and the constant requests for snacks and the sounds of your fellow inmates chewing. Bless them.

A place to just be. To let it allllllll go. Somewhere you can find some much-needed peace from all the cow-smacking and the donkey-chomping to try to re-piece together the shattered remnants of your sanity.

Which is where your car comes in. And while you are likely not actually using it to go anywhere, it does come in handy when you don’t want anyone to find you. Trust me. I know. 

So when Snoop Dogg posted a video to his Instagram page, of sitting in his car listening to music, it was 100% relatable. 

But it’s WHAT he was listening to that has everybody talking. And smiling. And nodding their heads in solidarity.

Because Da Big Boss Dogg? Isn’t exactly listening to the music that you would expect him to. 

Oh no. He’s listening to “Let It Go,” from Disney’s Frozen. And Martha Stewart better watch herself. Because we’re all vying for bff status now.

As the sound of Idina Menzel’s voice fills the video, Snoop slowly pans the camera down, staring intently into it. And his dead-eyed expression? Mirrors all of us who are just clinging to the ledge, trying to hold our shit together right now.

Image Credit: Instagram/snoopdogg

Dressed in a wool hat with a hood pulled over his head, he waits for the chorus to come on to make his big move. And when he does? He doesn’t disappoint. 

As “Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore,” comes over the speakers the real magic begins. And it’s not so much about the music as it is his reaction to it that is solid gold. Because it’s a whole MOOD. 

With a head nod, a widening of his eyes, and a giggle, Snoop says,

“I had to come sit in my car and listen to this shit, man. Let it go.”

And I dare you not to laugh along with him. 

As he leans his head back and shakes it from side to side, Snoop goes on to say:

“I’m just sitting in my car listening to Let It Go.” 

And I am FEELING IT. There is just something about watching Snoop chilling to Frozen.

As the video nears its end, Snoop Dogg, bobbing his head to the music tells fans,  

Let it go. We’ll be outside soon.

All I can say is, I believe you Snoop. I believe you.

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Let it go

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The video has been viewed over 975,000 times on Instagram, including by Queen Elsa herself. Menzel responded to Snoop with a video of her own which she posted to her official Twitter account.

In the video, she’s sitting in her own vehicle, car dancing to “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” 

And she has a message for Snoop, saying:

We’re all gonna get out of this soon. And like you said Snoop, we can all just drop it like it’s hot. Or hard? I always thought it was drop it like it’s hard but it’s drop it like it’s HOT, apparently.


But Idina isn’t the only one who has something to say about Snoop and his car-capade. After Amy Brown posted the video on Twitter, it has been viewed over 5.2M times. The post has received over 365K likes and 97K re-tweets.

And the people? They are Here.For.It. And his salt-and-pepper beard.

Apparently this isn’t the first time that Snoop has shown off his softer side. There was also that one time that he saved a moth from annihilation:

Sure, he may not fit the typical “hero” mold, but to that moth? He shall forever be its hero. And he IS the hero we need right now.

Even if some people aren’t exactly feeling it. Like Red Velvet over here.

But you know who is feeling it? On a spiritual level? This guy.

And Snoop. Obviously.

But this isn’t the only side to Snoop that we don’t really know about. Clearly he is a complicated, multi-faceted man. I mean, all you really need to do is check out Storybots to see the truth. 

He is a national treasure.

Taylor isn’t the only one who thinks so. On a Facebook post of the video, others feel exactly the same way.

Image Credit: Facebook/WhatsTrending

And those eyes…it’s like they’re looking deep into your very soul.

Image Credit: Facebook/WhatsTrending

There’s just something about Snoop doing something just like the rest of us that makes us feel cooler than we probably are.

Image Credit: Facebook/WhatsTrending

Although you’ll never be as gangsta’ as the Dogg.

Image Credit: Facebook/WhatsTrending

While Snoop Dogg sitting in his car listening to “Let It Go” isn’t something we ever thought we needed, there are a lot of things coming to light during this whole pandemic that we never thought we needed. And this? Is clearly one of them. 


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