School Pictures Go Hilariously Wrong Thanks to St. Patrick’s Day SNAFU


School pictures are always a huge deal, and they should be.

The tradition of dressing your kiddo up and sending them off to school to have their school photo snapped is not only an annual rite of passage, but it’s a sweet way to mark each year of childhood.


It’s no wonder companies try to sell us so many tchotchkes, from coffee mugs to cell phone covers, to commemorate the new school year.

But for parents of kids at Sugar Grove Elementary School in Indiana, this year’s school photos will take on a hilarious life of their own after a snafu involving sheer dumb luck, bad weather, and the color green. 

According to WKYC 3, students at Sugar Grove Elementary had their annual Fall Picture Day without a hitch.

But the Spring Picture Day did not go as expected.

Thanks to bad weather, the school had to postpone picture day not once but twice.

When the big day finally arrived, it landed squarely on St. Patrick’s Day, which meant that most of the kids were wearing shades of green.

When digital proofs of the Spring Day Photos finally arrived, parents could not stop laughing.

“He had a dark green shirt on,” Amanda Snow, the mother of a kindergartner named Oliver, told WKYC3.

“The top of his hoodie is green, so he turned into the fence here. He had lime green shorts on, so I guess the darker the shirt, the more transparent the background comes through. And he had a green mohawk, but that is completely gone.” 

The photo studio used a green screen to simplify choosing backgrounds, which meant the kids who wore green blended into the backgrounds in hilariously awkward ways.

Some of the examples are just too stinking cute and utterly hilarious like the little girl who blends in with a flowering shrub or the boy who looks like his head is floating in a farm field. 

“Honestly, I just couldn’t wait to see other parents’ pictures and it ended up being just a hilarious fiasco, just because it’s just so funny,” Snow told WKYC 3

The funny outcomes may have had parents and students giggling, but the photography studio that took the images appears to be taking the situation quite seriously.

In a statement to parents, made public by WKYC 3, Inter-State Studio explained what happened.

“The green screen process involves taking a picture in front of a solid color (in this case green) and dropping that background out to be replaced with a background of someone’s choice in post-production.

We try to get digital proofs in front of people quickly, so this is an example of seeing it before it goes through that post-production process.

Typically, this is caught in an earlier, automated stage. This image is not the final product because it gets fixed in post-production.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to this specific instance – everyone has had such a good sense of humor about this!”

And, of course, the school was naturally concerned that parents might be upset by the funny mistake.

Sugar Grove Elementary School Principal, Kristin Rodman, sent this message to families who are currently on Spring Break.

“I hope that you are enjoying your Spring Break so far! As many of you may have noticed on your child’s spring pictures, it looks a little funny due to the green screen and St. Patrick’s Day.

While I know you got a good laugh, the proofs are the only pictures that will look that way. The actual pictures if you order them will look normal.”

There is no word yet that any parent was upset by the hilarious incident. As for Snow, she intends to keep some of the proofs. 

“I might reach out to the company and see if I can get the unedited ones, because honestly, they’ve brought me so much joy and laughter over the last day,” Snow told WKYC 3.

You can watch the WKYC 3 news footage here to see more funny examples of the kids’ school pictures. 



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