Strong Willed Kids Are a Lot, But The World Needs Them


Strong willed kids are a lot. It’s as though they were born to not only rock the boat, but crash it into an iceberg.

Yes, they’re a lot—of everything.


Their voice ricochets off of walls and it’s surprising glass doesn’t shatter.

If you take out their batteries, they still run wildly—literally never running out of energy.

Their emotions are more colorful than any rainbow.

They are more persistent than an old, grumpy bull.

Photo Credit: Angela Anagnost-Repke, Writer

They were born with an opinion—about everything.

Parenting one of these tiny torpedoes is grueling…because they’re a lot.

But after parenting (or trying to at least) one of these feisty little darlings, I’ve also learned that they need a lot.

Of our time,

Undivided attention,

Space to jump, run, and tumble,

Silence to make their own decisions,

Hugs and kisses,


Unconditional love,

And direction.

Sometimes giving all of this, and more, to our strong-willed child is not only exhausting, but also feels overwhelming.

We question.

We doubt.

We feel guilty.

The stress-filled knots in our shoulders grow tighter each day.

And worse, we think we’re failing.

Yes, the strong-willed child is a lot. And they need a lot.

But if we just continue to give them our best (even though that may look different on some days), just think about what they will grow up and give to the world.

It’s something I am willing to bet will be worth the struggle.

Because our strong-willed kids, they weren’t just born to rock the boat, they were born to build a new one.

Strong willed kids are a lot. It’s as though they were born to not only rock the boat, but crash it into an…

Posted by Angela Anagnost-Repke, Writer on Thursday, November 21, 2019


  1. Yes, my beautiful strong willed daughter has endured things in her world and came out on top! She is a neonatal RN and fights for tiny lives now. I’m so proud of her and can’t wait for her to have her own strong willed child.

  2. Had one. Not on good terms for years but she’s good. Saw my granddaughters when my dad died a few years ago. She was my shithead rebel. Made my choices, she made hers and she’s doing okay. Miss the good years, the togetherness with her and watching the interactions with her big sister LOL. Miss all the years I’ve missed as they’ve had kids, built a new house, worked with her husband to pay the bills and take care of my granddaughters. Some day, she’ll realize what she’s doing to her kids keeping grandma away. Bummed but I’ll deal with things as the years go on. She was a shithead. Stupid decisions, wrong decisions but I didn’t cause those. She did. Open to a conversation when she’s ready to talk to me. If she never does, she’s hurting her daughters. They’re doing well and I’m happy so I taught her something…… Good with my other two girls and teaching them how to handle life but 2020, told my oldest I never thought she’d have to deal with this stuff. Youngest lives with me and I pray she’ll work through her life and be able to move out to get her life in order at some point.


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