Ultimate Flexibility: Finding Work That Suits Your Passion, Schedule


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There is never a dull moment when you have kids, much less relaxation time. If you work outside the home, the yearning to spend more time with your kids, along with wanting a more desirable schedule, can often be overwhelming. And if you stay home with your kids, the need for additional income, plus a purpose outside of parenting, can also be something you have been contemplating.

If you’re considering starting a freelance gig that lets you become your own boss while exploring the things you’re passionate about, read on for information and tips on how to get started.

Achieving a Balance

The appeal of working for yourself or becoming a freelancer is increasing. According a recent study called “Freelancing in America,” more than 50 percent of freelancers indicate they would not quit their freelance gig for a traditional job regardless of pay. The information is a result of surveying 7,000 Americans, and the survey found there are an estimated 53.7 million freelancers in America. Furthermore, 60 percent of independent workers are doing the freelance thing by choice rather than out of necessity. The reason? Flexibility and doing something they’re passionate about.

Finding Your Passion

The first step is to find your passion and then focus on finding freelance opportunities that align with it.

Starting your own blog can be a great way to begin exploring your passion by simply writing about it. There are many free, user-friendly blogging and website platforms to choose from. Once you start writing valuable content regularly and gain readers, you may wish to explore advertising and other options for making money while blogging. You may even consider researching outside blogs that accept posts from guest bloggers to gain exposure and generate income.

If you are an avid writer, a freelance writing or editing job may be the opportunity you’re looking for. Sites like Upwork offer a wide variety of freelance writing gigs in which to choose. In addition to writing opportunities, sites like Guru let you search hundreds of freelance jobs in a variety of realms, including design, finance and engineering.

For all those fitness fanatic moms out there, getting certified to teach workout classes at your local gym or becoming a certified personal trainer could be the outlet in which you’re looking. Additionally, companies like Beachbody allow you to become a coach by sharing fitness tips and educating others through the selling of their products.

If beauty and skincare are your thing, there are a plethora of options to explore your passion and make money at it. Multilevel marketing is a big moneymaker these days and offers the flexibility to work as little or as much as you’d like. For women who wish to focus on opportunities that offer balance and growth, Amway is a wonderful option. Selling Amway products is ideal if you love to share great products with friends and family.

Whatever your passion, it’s key to make yourself and your interest a priority. After all, when you feed your passions and have a purpose outside of your kids and home, you will have a happier and more fulfilled life. And everyone in the family can benefit from that.


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